Free at Last – Story of an Indigenous Australian

When I was a kid going to church was a very fun evet for me becaues I love dancing and singing but I didn’t really know Who Jesus and God was, but I still continued to go church. In 2004 I went to a Christian Boarding School in Darwin, as a young tennager in school there was alot of trouble and hate I had faced but that didt’n stop me from going school becaues education was important to me and my family. Then in 2007 I started hating my houesparents who was only trying to help me but I didn’t wana listen to them becaues at that time my dad went for a surgery and they had to operate on his heart and I was drownding in my sorrow and I felt like telling no one, But littile that I know God was watching over me and my family. So in 2009 when I was 17 years old I started doing Drugs and Drinking all sorts of beer it was fun and it brang pain at the same time, Then I relised by doing that it was slowing my down from my studies and I was tired all the time but I didn’t pay attention to what was really happen in my spiritural life as I look back I was living in Compelet darkness, Then 2009 I got married and in 2010 had One child after my daughter was born I turned back to drinking and it had gotten worse my and my husband was always Fighting then It was me and my mum Fighting, Then emptyness and fear was starting to build up inside my I felt like the devil was aways watching my every move. In July 07 2011 my great grandfather passaway and two days before his funeral there was a big followship and lots of people was there, and they were asking if anyone needed prayer. I stood up and said “YES I WANT TO GIVE MY HEART TO JESUS CHRIST” as they were praying for me I felt the Holy Spirit hit me like a flood then my soul was uplifted and I felt no more havyness and it like I was floating on air, I could never forget the Feeling of the Holy Spriti. And now I continue to Praise God and Worship Him even More and watch others grow in Christ. I believe That God can Set you free from anything becaues NOTHING in IMPOSSIABLE to GOD, have faith and keep your faith strong….

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