Foundations to stake your life on

As since the beginning different views of God and salvation have existed. As for me and my house the KJV is the only bible we trust. It is offensive to me to even suggest any flaws. The founders of the holiness movements of the 1800s were spead from America to Austraulia and world wide with the KJV. Thats enough for me! As for Wesley and ,Luther who inspired the teaching of the Penecostal revials,if it wern’t for great men of God like these where would the church be. The word of God came not in word only but in power! The power is still available today just as it was then,you must tarry for it.God looks at the heart,he knows if we are serious or not and his gifts and blessing are given to those he can use. We cannot pck and choose which parts of the bible we will accept,or take a little from this one aand a little from that one and have any foundation to stand on. this kind of so called christian is more like a windshield wiper than a blood bought saint. I have been blessed of God to say without a doupt the power of God is real and it will be when all the smoke clears,Heaven or Hell,and sin cannot inherit the kingdom of God. when your foundations are strong you can stand,when they are weak ,so will be your testimony.The trials of this life are not to defeat us but to make us strong by trusting God,when there is no way,he will make a way,the larger the mountain the greater the deliverence.Praise GOD!

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