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Please keep praying for the team at New Hope TV. They do a great job in serving the Christian community with quality TV programs every day in Bangalore.

The Doctrine of Hell does more to Move people to Ethical Behaviour than many think

We've heard a lot that as we tell people how forgiving, sweet and loving God is, people will just want to change. I think its only partly true. The Bible is usually wiser than men. The things we LEAVE out in our preaching and teaching are usually very important for us and for our lives. Things like the awful doctrine of HELL.

Honestly, when people believe there are real chances for HORRIBLE consequences to wrong, inappropriate or dishonest behavior, they are FAR LESS LIKELY to actually do those wrong things.

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Observations concerning a recent Witnessing Experience

I took the initiative while at the shops to talk about the gospel with an older man.

I did this simply by asking him after some initial pleasantries "Were you brought up with faith in God?"

He had a Catholic background, and he thought God is "All forgiving, all loving". Actually this is not in harmony even with official Roman Catholic doctrine, let alone the New Testament. It is a TRAGEDY that people can go all their lives through church and be ignorant of foundational doctrine. read more »

The Righteous and Evildoers contrasted in terms of Prayer Results

Does Jesus want all or nothing?

I just saw this quoted by someone on Facebook:
“He wants all or nothing. The thought of a person calling himself a 'Christian' without being a devoted follower of Christ is absurd.”
― Francis Chan

Do you agree or disagree?
And how does this fit in to the doctrine of grace?

Seeking the Lord together

As we slowly gear up to launch the online church, I am looking to find some people who would like to pray online together, chiefly for people to be saved through our efforts.

If that is something that interests you, please contact me on skype: michaelf8888

Dr Alban's "Sing Hallelujah" - a Postmodern Interpretation

I was listening to pseudo Christian "family" radio one time in the car and I heard this song with a groovy beat and bassline - "Sing Hallelujah!". I couldn't make out the words so I thought I'd look it up on google, and see what the lyrics actually said. I include them below. read more »

Why Trust Jesus and Not Buddha, for example

Some believe that we create our own reality and that all religions might be just as valid in their own way as any other belief system.

I'm sure that many people of different religions seriously believe the teachings of their religion. But I believe there are limits to the reality we can create through our own beliefs. Once death occurs, in my view anyway, which is based on the teaching of Jesus, souls will go to the spiritual kingdom they died belonging to, and after that there is going to be an eternal judgment and a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. read more »

Dealing with Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholics who believe the doctrines of their church authorities believe that it is impossible to have a saving relationship with Christ without the Sacraments of their Church - such as the Mass, Penance etc. True or false?

If Roman Catholics truly believe that God's grace only comes through their rituals administered by their priests with "Holy Orders" then are they preaching another gospel? And if they believe the wafer they administer is fully Jesus Christ, are they preaching another Jesus? read more »

Thank God for the Good things the Churches are Doing in this Flood Crisis

Its actually great to see how this recent flood crisis in Queensland is bringing out so many volunteers from churches to help those who have suffered great material loss.

Some people from the small church I have attended have talked about how they have been involved in helping people through this crisis in some ways.

I have also been helped in my understanding by the message preached by the pastor of the local church I attend. He said that the greatest thing that could come out of this is that people will have a renewed desire to PRAY. read more »

Impending Disasters are CERTAIN. The Eternal Ones matter most.

Every 35-50 years at least the Brisbane river floods and massive damage happens. Some people are blaming town planners. They should have seen it coming.

Every 35-50 years hundreds of thousands of people in Brisbane enter an ETERNAL FIRE from which there is no recovery. Do we see it coming? Will the church pray and actually submit to God? Nothing else is going to make much difference without that. read more »

We and our homes are safe from Brisbane floods - but please pray

Readers may know my family and I live in Brisbane. We are out of harm's way. We live on high ground nowhere near the Brisbane river.

Please pray that we be sensitive to God's leading for people we may need to help.

Testing a blog entry on the new server

Hi folks, we've just moved to a new server again - same company though.

Someone reported to me that they were having trouble making a blog post. I am just checking to see if I can make one.

There may be some lingering DNS issues. We will see. Currently both old and new servers are still delivering traffic.

A Life of Fire - by Reinhard Bonnke - Highly Recommended

I highly recommend the autobiography of Reinhard Bonnke, "A Life of Fire". It is around 600 pages, I've read maybe 200 pages of it. It is extremely instructive and contains major lessons that should be learned by any servant of God.

A Great Tool to Build your Business or Email List


Folks, I just attended a seminar this evening on the importance of social media. It fits in well with a tool I have just gotten hold of which I think could be very relevant to anyone out there wanting to build a strong opt-in business email list and use social media effectively.

Check out http://socialmedialistbuilder.ozebuzz.com/

Beware of date setting and casting lots

Recently I drew attention to the prophecy of Dr David Uwuor concerning an impending tsunami and earthquake to hit the east coast and north west of Australia respectively. I made it clear that Dr Uwuor did not set a date, however, there were other people who had received various messages and confirmations that there would be earthquakes and tsunamis around the coasts bordering the Pacific ocean on September 3 (USA time). read more »

The Afghanistan Problem - A Christian Perspective

Afghanistan has been in the news a lot for the last 10 years. Since the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11, this has especially been true, because the leaders of the United States decided that attacking and occupying Afghanistan was the appropriate response to the events of that day.

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Anointed People do not have a free pass to SIN

An interesting article has just come out from Lee Grady called "Say Goodbye to the Untouchable Preachers". This article is basically an appeal for "charismatic" Christians, or those believing in the present day operation of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, to WAKE UP concerning certain high profile ministers who apart from whatever legitimate gifts they have also been doing the wrong thing. read more »

Can Darwinism explain genes for homosexuality?

In the last 30 or so years there has been a huge push to change public opinion concerning homosexual behaviour. Thirty years ago homosexual behaviour was something many people were ashamed of. It was regarded as a filthy perversion. But as homosexuals started "coming out of the closet" and gaining progressively more influence in the media, the judiciary, and government, we've seen a huge shift in the thinking of people across western societies. If the homosexual lobby groups have their way, it will soon be a crime to talk against the practice of homosexuality. read more »

I'd like to Go and Preach the Word of God

You know, in my 20's I used to be a preacher of the gospel. Not having the responsibility of family, it was pretty easy to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel". I did that as much as I was able and I believe the results were fruitful.

Now that I am in my mid 40's, blessed as I am with a lovely wife and two gorgeous daughters, the same desire to preach and bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to people still burns within my heart. But I am not going any more in the same way to the lost and dying. Two Scriptures come to mind: read more »

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