For what it worth

I often make comments involving things I had a part in concerning miracles and faith, my testimonies also are about happenings that I was into or present. I just want to say,there is so many stories of deliverences and healings or miracles that happened in past generations that cause people to doupt in today’s world or you hear of the oppisite,tall tales that are so unbelievable,they cause doupt in both real and false alike. For this reason,I will not post things told to me from others,or of things of the early church,other than their roots,which are my foundations as well.I only post of things that I have known first hand. I have the same saying as David,unless I have proved my testimonies,I will not risk telling anyone something that isn’t true. I am well aware that everyone is different and has their own testimonies and they are great. But the more our testimonies are first hand,the more they can be trusted and tested,which will grow or faith.As a sinner I was very good at I strive to be at least as dedicated to being a vessel God can use,as I was a low down waste of God’s breath before,his mercy. God reached a long way down to pull me out of the pit I was quickly headed for. I never thought I would be on a website of any sort,more less a Christian site. As a auto tech,what I do is try to fix things,and I believe God likes to fix things too, He’s still working on me.thank God!

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