For my Boyfriend and I need to be delivered from Witchcraft! DESPERATE


          My name is Mia, long story short I was involved with a man for 8yrs who used and took advantage of me. He was arrested got sentenced for 10yrs. I finally just said to myself…enough! I left him…within the 3yr I left him….I waited faithfully! The 3rd yr after I broke it off. I met a man who was at my job…we had alot incommon and he mentioned to me he was having marital problems…Anyhow, we befriended another…I liked him but I knew he was married so I respected that. All, of sudden..he left his wife…she cheated on him! Well, my parents put us together! we started dating, and we eventually moved in with one another! Well, that was in Nov 08…Everything, was so peaceful and perfect! His EX-WIFE called him…she knew everything about me….my name..dob…I was like what! She evan followd him to work and watched me. He caught her and told her to leave. All of sudden she called in Dec of 08 and said she’s going to Granda for TWO weeks with their daughter! I thought nothing of it! She returned in Jan 09…the begining of the new year! I started, feeling confused…doubtful, depressed, weak, not knowing who I’am, very lost, I started losing my hair, stressing, didn’t understand why was this happening. We made love and faces will change on him…to my EX …I was going crazy! I told my boyfriend he didn’t understand me..I went to see about 12 people that were into witchcraft…They described this owman…to me in was his EX-WIFE. She put mylife threw hell. I’m in need of a deliverance. My partner is only 48 and all of sudden he has peyronies disease. We both need to be delivered. I’ve been tormented spiritually everyway possible. I turned mylife to GOD! Prayed and Fast for deliverance. Im in need of desperate prayer! I feel like I’m losing myself.


Is their something that I’m doing wrong…like not fasting properly. He belives in JESUS! I belive he can heal anyone from anything!

Please, pray for us!




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