For a long time i have been in prayer for many people, and was seeing no answers. I thought to myself “has god abandoned me, have I sinned, what is it.” That’s when it hit me. I was not focusing the SOLUTION to my prayers, but all of the problems, and I was not Giving thanks to God for all he does and was doing and was about to do for those I pray for and for all of us, the good the bad the ugly, the righteous. The wicked, he does for the just and unjust alike. but we tend to forget to thank him, the unjust hopefully will see and turn and become just, because his mercies. Are new every morning. Our lives our so short, yet when we turn our focus just as Moses. Did on God the truest answer to all our problems, and hand the battle over to him, then he fights the good fight in our stead and we can live confident knowing that our trust is in him. Rejoice with Thanks Giving unto the Lord for he has done Great things Amen! Love Your sis in Jesus! Annette

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