Fleeing from freemasonry and Buddhism to find Jesus Christ.

My maternal grandmother who was Ghanian, was a lady Freemason and later an Oddfellow.She programmed me to become a Jehovah’s witness,or create a new form of Buddhism where there is a God,or to become a Freemason like she was.I was cursed many times by Freemasons and I responded as I had been programmed to by my grandmother to “turn the other cheek” and say thank-you.I experimented with lots of religions.

I was taken to Freemason’s hall by a friend that I didn’t know very well.My life changed when I went to Freemason’s hall three times.As a result of going to Freemason’s hall in London United kingdom,I remembered everything my grandmother had done and the psychological shock of remembering led to me eventually re-evaluating my life as a Buddhist and I slowly over a five year period I became a Christian.

Please visit my website manashantii.com and my Youtube channel named manashantii for my testimony,poetry and more.Thank-you and God bless you.

Miss.Manashantii Awudji of manashantii.com

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