Five Principles of Success

Five Principles of Success:

1. Think or dream BIG enough for God to fit into your thoughts:

Jesus said to His disciples: “Go into all the world.” Up until then they had never been anywhere. Vision will always stretch every fiber of your being.

If you make your dream match your bank account, you won’t get far. Allow your dream to match God’s bank account. There is a school of thought which says that numbers are not important. It’s not the quantity but the quality that counts with God, its adherents say; it is not tin-magnitude of the vision but the quality of it. Well, in the Word of God both quality and quantity are important. Numbers are important; they are scattered throughout the Bible to illustrate the stories inspired by God: Jesus had 12 disciples, 120 people gathered in the upper room, Jesus fed 5000 people, Peter won 3000 people, the church multiplied. There is even a book called Numbers in the Bible!

“Have a dream that will inspire others.”

2. Make decisions today that will shape your tomorrow:
Losers make a decision that will create desired present. Champions make a decision that will create a desired future.
Esau, Gehazi, Samson and Judas Iscariot all made decisions that gave them what they wanted then and there -but their choices destroyed their future.

Joseph, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Elisha and the eleven apostles made choices that gave them a desired future, though they seemed foolish at the time.

“Your decisions today will create your future tomorrow.”

3. Make plans:

An architect will draw up plans from which a building will grow. He won’t bother drawing a plan after it is built. Likewise we need to build according to the plans, not plan according to the building.

Talk with God about your dream and be wise over who you share it with. A lot of those around you will do all in their power to discourage your daring faith! As a man of God said, don’t share your 16×20 ideas with 3×5 minds.

4. Set yourself goals:

Without goals you will never reach a place or situation you are aiming at. Imagine a football match played without goalposts at each end! How can you decide who the winner is? What’s the point of playing? Twenty-two people playing football without goals are fools and the 22,000 people watching are just as mad!

5. Make up your mind you will never give up:

Your dream has got to be worth all the blood, sweat and tears you will put into it. Don’t pursue a dream if it does not totally consume you.

Thomas Alva Edison failed nearly a hundred times before he managed to create a light bulb. His amused riposte to his critics was: “I didn’t fail a hundred times! I just learned a hundred ways not to make a light bulb!” And he had the last laugh when he finally succeeded.

From “Dare to Win” by P.S. Rambabu. Reproduced here by permission of the author.

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