First post

Well folks, I am just testing this new blogging software. I have now worked out how to avoid conflicts with the Topictree software I am using in another part of the site. Though I’ve been writing for the web for some time I’ve never taken the time to investigate blogging, so we’ll see how this works out.

What do YOU think?


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The Christian faith is about Jesus. He came to save the lost. About Jesus Christ, Bible teaching, Testimonies, Salvation, Prayer, Faith, Networking.


  1. It is very encouraging to note that the internet, the marvel of recent technology, is incresingly being used for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

    My best wishes and prayers are for all those that come together in HIS Love and as living stones built up a spiritual house for may to find salvation in Jesus Christ our LORD and SAVIOUR.

    Anyone that does not LOVE, knows not God.

    All that visit this blog and its fellowship need to LOVE God and others.

    God bless.


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