Fired after 5 days

After searching for a job for nearly 5 months, last week I finally found one as a cafe assistant. I went in for the trial last week Wednesday and everything went well and I got the job. Then I went in again on Thursday and Friday for a few hours. Monday was my actual starting date, it was busy but I managed. There was so much to learn, and the pressure was on. On Tuesday, we had another busy day and I made a mistake as I was taking the coffee orders so instead of writing soy flat white I wrote flat white. My manager was so mad at me and didn’t speak to me much for the rest of the day. She then went and told the Chef that she hated me and I felt so hurt. I mean apart from the mistake i made I didn’t know what else I had done wrong to upset her to the extend of hating me. I wanted to confront her about it but I decided not to since it was almost home time I thought i would just cry and pray about it. Let me just say this since I started this job, something didn’t feel right. I felt like I wasn’t meant to be there, but this didn’t not affect my performance. I worked really hard and gave it my all. However, I prayed about this I asked God if he had placed me there and I asked him for a confirmation. And yesterday I found out that my manager hates me and I was confused. I thought of quiting because I didn’t see any way I was going to work with her knowing that she hates me. I prayed about it and I asked God to instruct and advise me in the way I should go. Then I decided that I was going to talk to her and find out why she felt that way towards me.

This morning I arrived at work with a smile on my face (half genuine and half fake). I asked her if we could talk when we were not busy and she agreed. Then about 10:30, she called me for the chat. Firstly, I apologized for the coffee mistake then I let her know that I knew about how she felt towards me and I asked her the reason being. She didn’t deny it, in fact she went on to say that she hated me because I am not friendly with the customers and that I lack a sense of urgency. I told her that i didn’t think it was a good enough reason to hate someone. I then explained to her that i had only been in the job for five minutes and I was still learning everything but she didn’t understand so she asked me to leave immediately. I couldn’t believe it, I said my goodbyes and I left in tears.

I don’t know if all this happened because I was not meant to be there in the first place or maybe I handled things the wrong way. Is this the sign from God that the job wasn’t for me or should i have begged her not to let me go? I honestly think that I gave this job my best and worked really hard, I thought I was doing very well-I interacted well with the customers and provided good service and had no complaints. I recently completed a degree in Psychology and I haven’t been able to obtain a job in this field so I started applying for anything. I am just wondering if i would ever be good enough for any job. I know God is in control and that he knows the plans he has for me but waiting is excruciating.

Please pray for me that I find a job with a meaning. I need strength, courage, patience and hope.

Thank you

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  1. Thank you!

  2. re-Born says:

    God doesn’t makes mistakes. it is not about being lucky or not. No matter how random and coincidental things seem, God always has a plan.
    will continue praying for you. Keep trusting in God

  3. Huck Finn says:

    Persecuted for doing your Job?

    Just saw this and wanted to let you know…

    I’m praying for you.

    Your probably being persecuted because your a Christian. I have a hunch that the woman hates God in you but cant see anyone but you. Does this make sense?

    Also – Psychology? Why did you choose that field? Just curious but if your interested in the counseling ministry… Have you considered other options?

    I’ll be praying

    • “I have a hunch that the woman hates God in you but cant see anyone but you”. Yes it does make sense, thank you! I chose Psychology because I was interested in helping others with their problems but I am not so sure anymore. People don’t need psychiatrists or psychologists but they need Jesus for Hes the only one who can help them. Freud or Erikson’s theories won’t save them, they need an understanding of the word of God. So lately, I been thinking of doing nursing or social work but I don’t know if I can survive another three years of University. I want a job that makes a difference in the lives of others, and it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s for the good of others. It would be really good if I can find something that does not require a degree where I could just gain experience on the job and maybe do short courses.

      Thank you for praying for me, God bless you!

      • anonymous-em says:

        Hi, I read this and I’m confused about the speculation that your ex-boss hates you because you’re christian..

        Firstly, the whole thing sounds abhorrent. It’s just outright unethical – I am amazed that there are not laws in your country to protect unfair dismissal like this.

        Anyhow, back to my point – Since your ex-boss never seemed to give any indications of objecting to your faith, on what grounds to you suggest that this is the reason? I can’t see anything from the description you gave that would even suggest such a thing, so I’m not even clear where the original suggestion by the previous poster, came from!

        It seems to me that your exboss is just a twit with a chip on her shoulder.

        I might also comment on
        “People don’t need psychiatrists or psychologists but they need Jesus for Hes the only one who can help them”
        I’m not sure that this is actually the case – many mental illnesses arise from a chemical imbalance, as you know, do you suppose that jesus repairs the imbalance, or simply makes it transparent somehow? I’m just not clear how jesus physically repairs a such a condition.

        • I understand where you are coming from and yes there is nothing in my description that suggest that my boss hates Christians. However, when Huck pointed it out I thought about and it made sense. I got the job during a 40 day juice fast and people at work noticed that I wasn’t eating and started asking questions. I then decided to tell them, and they asked all sorts of questions as to why I was doing the fast and I told them. When my boss heard about this, she didn’t show an interest instead she laughed it off and 3 days after my revelation that I was a Christian I was fired. Now, how do you explain this? It seems to me that when she realized that I was a Christian she decided to let me go because I wasn’t a good fit. All they talked about was partying and getting drunk and thats when I started to wonder why God would place me in such an environment where I am surrounded by people who live according to the worldly culture. I prayed about it, I asked God to keep me in that job if he had a purpose for my being there and I believe he answered my prayer and took me away from there. He placed me there maybe to learn a lesson and grow spiritually. And I believe that lesson was for me to learn to trust him more and approach life challenges with humility, forgiveness and an eternal perspective.
          Matthew 4:23-24 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. 24 And the report of him went forth into all Syria: and they brought unto him all that were sick, holden with divers diseases and torments, possessed with demons, and epileptic, and palsied; and he healed them. If i am to become a counselor, it will be based on gospel principles not some theories that man came up with.

        • Huck Finn says:


          Bear in mind that your the Vegetarian who walked into the Cannibals Picnic… Please forgive us but we do enjoy our snacks!

          The psychological/psychiatric methods utilized in most Behavioral Counseling (Jungian) may be anti-beneficial to the patients best interest. (Thought proceeds action/feelings not the other way around.) Also a lot of the medication treatments utilized (psychotropic) can generate adverse reactions. (anti-depressants meds can actually lead to suicide). Do a google search and you’ll see a ton of updated research being done.

          I was going to suggest that this individual investigate another system that is based on a persons field research which actually has nothing to do with religion or faith. But is proven very effective in institutionalized environments (catatonics, schizophrenics, disillusiony paranoid). It’s called Nouthetic Counseling (‘Competent to Counsel’ by Jay Adams). Jay Adams is himself a Christian but his field research was underneath a Doctor whose intent was towards the patients best-interest – not financially orientated/checklist specialist.

          Counseling is a holistic form of treatment system, yet most methods utilized are based on archaic philosophies and theories. Remember Dr Spocks theoretical approach to child rearing? His Book went off the Charts? He actually apologized after he saw the effect it had on the generations that followed.

          But on another level I do have a sister who is Bi-Polar and requires medications to stabilize her condition. She suffers from a Lithium uptake situation that requires consistent medical and behavioral monitoring.

          Psychology and Psychiatry are Soft Sciences – Not Logic/Fact based. Surely you can see that?


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