Finding the Light Along a Dark Path – My Exhusband was the darkness

I hope is writing proves therapeutic for me and for the many good Christian women who may have had husbands who did not follow a good path.

I live in Calgary Canada and for several years while there I lived with an abusive husband, Tom (I won’t use his last name) but I hope some day the Lord sees fit to help this man or that he finds the Lord himself.

There are to moments in my past that stood out. Yes, in the beginning there were moments of joy but he was what may be considered a very good business man, but that alone does not necessarily make a man a good man. One one occasion, and I think he was doing drugs and in a rage, he beat me and locked me in a small room in our home. The night I sat and prayed, not for my safety budd for Tom to be touched with the grace of God and understand his bad ways.

Maybe as I talk to some of the good people here I will learn to leave it all in the hands of our Lord Jesus.

God Bless everyone.

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