finding God

I hear often,everyone else is shouting,but me what is wrong,The truth is the one who shouts in a hurry usually is the way my typing is the old one key at a time so forgive me when I goof. As I was saying I found out long time ago its not the shout,The Holy Ghost is very easily greaved,when in prayer it seems for the first few mimutes everyone is trying to help,but whe n the shout doesnt soon come most go to someone who will.A spirit of prayer and feeling free to pray.and the Holy Ghost presents is not always the same so many lose hope.but the longer you stay in an old fashion alter,waves of the power will increase,they will come on then stop so you pray some more,then the more you hold on felling or not he will show up,Ill take a polygragh on it. also the longer he makes you press for it the greater it will be .I have been there .I know.The things I tell you is the way the holy rollers did it and the way I did it.He is well worth waiting for.
the power was so strong on me.It burnt out cigarettes,to the point where it was like I never had one,later I realized the habit of bitting my nails was even gone,All in one night ,It took til after midnight before he turned me loose,butI will never forget it.My preacher said he has never seen such a thing,I didnt shout only because I could not.Many things have I seen because of pressing ,Its a shame its almost a thing of the past,Its not easy but this is strong meat,I write these things in hope for all that dont understand,it is not taught anymore The devil dont want strong saints only depressed ones.I have been part of many things with God,because I had to know for myself no matter what,so can we all,thatswhat he really wants us to do,prove me test me saith the Lord. Be hungry ,If I buried 10000 dollars in your yard when would you stop looking for it,God is so much more!!!!!!!

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