financial deliverance

I arrived to the US as an international student in August 2008 and began working at the university I was studying at in mid-December of 2008 until mid-January of 2009 and earned around $612. I filed for my tax returns and received it without any trouble. I then began working again in September 2011 till May 2012. I filed for my tax returns but this time nothing went right.

I was supposed to receive $136 but instead I received a letter from the IRS saying that I owed them $618 for the year of 2008. The first time I called up the IRS, I was told that I was a victim to identity theft since my account had shown that I was working before I even arrived into the US. In the meantime, the $136 was credited towards what I “owed” the IRS and a late payment fee was also added to that amount. I mailed the IRS documents that showing my arrival in the US. The next few times I spoke with the IRS, no one could tell me what was wrong or why I was being charged money I didn’t owe.
After 7 months of going back and forth with the IRS went by and me praying for my financial issues to get resolved, I called up the IRS. The representative that I spoke with was determined to resolve the issue for me. He had me on hold for about 45 minutes and finally said that he was just going to issue me a check of $136 because he had no idea why I was being charged $618. He told me this, three times and said that he had no answers for me as to why all of this happened and also said that I should not have any problems in the future.

Within two and half weeks I received a check in the mail for the amount of $136!

Praise Jesus for breaking all the bonds over my finances!

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