Fed up and frustrated with love

Two and half years ago I meet a nice but shy, unconfident man. I fell in love with him and trusted him completely. After a few months of going out we started talking about marriage. I must admit that after year of going out I started get impatient and wondered when he was going to propose. I waited for him to propose but he kept on saying he was waiting to hear from God. So I waited. After a year and few months we became enagaged I was so happy. Because i loved him deeply. He loved worship so did I. People prophesied over his life saying I was his wife. I felt that things we right and started making wedding plans. I got excited,I brought my dress, picked the colours, chose the venue and photographer. Ask my dad and sister for money which they gave. Everybody was looking forward to the day..Two months before the wedding i told him I that we need to go to the registry office to do the notice of marriage.Then one evening he told me that when came to this country he had trouble with his papers. So he got married to stay in the country and he was still married. i was so shocked of course because i asked him when we were going out if he ever be married, he said no. He later told me the reason why he did not tell me was he forgot. I knew he was lying but I wanted to believe him because I loved him soo much. We continued to go out. then when he got divorced I found he did lied. He fact had been married twice. But decided to forgive but did not feel peaceful about marriage. I still had no peace months later. We broke up but I still wanted him back.Now I thought we could be friends to build trust and start again because I still love him. What if he is my husband? I want it to work out.

What do YOU think?



  1. Hello,I almost got married 3 times before I met my wife.Life at times can be very confussing and diffecult but let me share something with you.I have met countless people who prophesied lies because they were acting on their own emotions and thoughts but let me point some thing out that needs to be addressed if any thing isnt in the word of God it isnt of God.See the word of God clearly states God is not the author of confusion,when any thing is of God look for the fruit of the spirit and look for Gods character.When a man walks on lies first off he probaley has no concept of the convition of the Holy Spirit,so he feels its ok to lie.See when you just wait on God and be still God will bless you with the true desires of your heart.God loves you more than you can ever imagine so if he loves you so much that he would allow his son to die on a cross for you dont you think he loves you enough to bless you with a mate?So dive in to prayer and in the word and just turn tyhe world off for a while and fellowship with Christ Jesus and allow him to bring this wonderful person in your life.I really wanted to be married at 20 but God showed me he had to prepare my bride for the minestry we are called to do.So sense you dont know your future husband are you praying for him?I prayed for 2 years allot for my bride before I even met her.Tim

  2. phillip njiva says:

    Thank you for your article ,God has a plan for you.I think always its good to ask for his guidance in all our decisions in life.Our lord said that we should ask and he will give us . I think the first step is to to ask God to guide you in your love .Marriages is God `s plan for us to be happy on our way to heaven.The decision of a life partiner should be take seriousily.That is why the servant of Abraham had to pray first whe he was s at the well looking for the wife of Rebecca
    I Believe there is true love waiting for you,It requires God through our lord jesus to Guide you,those who wait upon the lord wil renew their strength

  3. Hi Freeb4him,
    I fully empathise with you.
    I know you feel terrible and you want to regain this guy at any cost.

    I can only tell you this.
    This guy is a cheat. He has cheated two women before you
    and God does not want you to be the third.

    Stop seeing him
    Stop thinking about him.
    Get him out of your life.

    Try to meet some other guys who have never been married before.
    The Lord will lead you to someone as holy and as righteous as your self.

    You don’t need to fool yourself by imagining a marriage
    between you and this cheat.

    Don’t go by the prophecy of other people.
    Most of it is false.

    God has more beautiful things in store for you.
    Keep speaking and reading the Word of God.

    God’s Word WILL come to pass in your life.


  4. Dear freeb4him,

    God is warning you through the lack of peace you have about continuing with this man. He has been involved in 2 marriage breakups already and if he is a proven liar you cannot trust anything he says about why those previous relationships broke up.

    Of course you will feel in love with anyone you spend a lot of time with who shows you attention and talks romantically. Those feelings can be deceptive though. Look at the fruit, the lack of peace, not to mention the issue of whether this man is even allowed by God to remarry after what he may or may not have done in his previous marriage relationships.

    It seems he was wrecked lives along the way. Please don't be the next casualty. God has something better for you.

    • Thank you for your post.You are right he is dishonest.But he did tell me he got married to stay in the country and the second time was to help someone else to stay in the country. I do not think there was a relationship with the first woman. Maybe there was a relationship with the second. I just thought you can make mistakes in your past but I feel it not really my business to pry.
      You right I do have lack of peace about the situation but I miss him soo much. I never I thought I would one of those soppy women who get treated badly by a partner and still want them back. I know God would send me someone better eventually. I just need to wait. I cannot believe it is over. We were going to have a international ministry. Where I was going to sing and he was going to play the music. I really thought God was telling me my future was with this man. People used to prophesy over us and say we were going to get married. I can not understand why he lied and spoiled it all. I have always tried to living my life in a holy way. I decided to remain a virgin until I get married. I got born again when I was 9 years old and spent my time at church. I am 35 and I was decieved. I feel so stupid and that I have disobeyed God. I hope and pray I will fall in love again with man who loves me like Christ. Please God I do not want to wait to long.

      • Timothy Luke says:

        When you write, "I just thought you can make mistakes in your past but I feel it not really my business to pry." I want to say, you have to pry when it comes to being one with a person. The level of relationship demands a clear accounting on all fronts BEFORE engagement.

        Fall in love with Jesus and let Him bring your husband to you. Commit it to Him. You need to confess your sin (mistakes) to God and ask His forgiveness. You need to release this man and ask to be delivered from any ungodly soul ties from the relationship.

        God is your Provider. Go in peace and if it turns serious with a guy, ask the hard questions up front, before the feelings get too engaged. If that pushes him away, it is better that it happens sooner than later. You are not stupid, just got taken in by a smooth operator. God will cleanse you and give you wisdom for the right man. Go in peace, with your head held high in the Lord.

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