Father Bring the Right Praying People to this Prayer Request

I am hesitant about posting my prayer needs on this website. But I really need the prayers of faithful Christians. A threefold chord is not easily broken therefore how effective are the prayers of a multitude of faith filled true Christians? My God is an awesome God, the creator of all. The Almighty, The One & Only True God, He is Holy, He is The God of Israel and He is my Father and I am His child blood bought and freed by Jesus. I give Him praise Honor and glory. Father I praise your Holy name and thank you for the many who are my brothers and sisters in Christ that will be praying for my needs. I come into agreement with my true Christian brothers and sisters in asking that meet my many prayer requests in Jesus Holy name amen.
Please overlook my many mistakes in typing and grammar. I pray God in Jesus name will make each one of them a blessing in your life.
Sadly, I smoke and I desperately want to quit. I have quit before but this time, I cannot at least not on my own. I have laid my cigarettes at the altar literally, but picked up another pack, a day later. I have asked for deliverance many times.
I was diagnosed with PTSD, it is better than it was. But I still find it intruding on me, anxiousness ( I do not like taking anxiety meds.and usually I will not), and irritability, edgy, my memory is horrible, it is very hard for me to concentrate. I startle easily loud noises etc can cause my temper to flair. I am also a single mother, of a handicapped child and a much younger child. I want Christ’s light to shine in me and before I can even profess Christ as my savior. I want others to be able to see it. I want to lead my children by example but right now I feel like I am failing. I cannot fail my children in leading them to Jesus or set a bad example of what a Christian is supposed to be. Because it is true we are only as holy as we are at home.
Pray for my children that they do the will of God and heed to Christ and come to know Him. Follow Him, without hesitation. My eldest should not be alive now but Christ heard and answered my prayer.
People often tell me I am brilliant and very intelligent and often I find this offensive. Sometimes I don’t. Truth of matter, I suppose I am but being too smart can be a stumbling block. Man always strives to understand and explain things. Example Darwin’s Theory, the Big Bang Theory, all the dead fish and birds. A person that is prideful of their knowledge will often put their intellect and understanding higher than the Almighty’s and that is completely void of intelligence. However, I am as smart as God made me. I love to research things but mainly History and lives the apostles. I love my Bible for it is truly the living word. It grows and if a person has not experienced what I mean then may God bless you in seeing that for yourself. However, much of the Bible is still shrouded in mystery. Pray God opens my eyes, heals my memory and restores my concentration. Heals me of the PTSD (hence the chemical rewiring of my brain according to my Dr.). God created my brain since He is its designer therefore He is the one to fix it.
I am in college and I am going to have to decide what field I am going into soon. I need His guidance there. I feel like I should be in a field that is in line with Him. For me to make this decision without His direction would be utterly foolish of me. Which brings me to another point I want to know what God wants me to do. I feel each one of God’s children has something to do in the body of Christ.
Then there is my Jesus, I feel like I neglect getting to know Him. I am always striving to get to know God. I want to know them both more much more. I want to know the Holy Spirit. Who or what I am without Them? Nothing. I want to hear their voices and recognize them immediately without doubt. I want to help others and lead them to Jesus, so that they may feel their hearts swell with the love and overwhelming joy, in knowing they are loved enough. That God sent His only Son whom He loved (if you have children think about how much love them) and was without sin, He was perfect but He willingly gave His life for them.
Pray God sends someone into my life who shares my enthusiasm for all things I learn concerning Christ & Crist and will help me grow as a Christian. I have found when I send someone something I have learned or have written concerning God. Most people who say they are Christians never respond. Not even preachers respond. Which makes me wonder if something is wrong with me and what I have discovered. I have one great friend who is a Christian but she suffers from bad health and depression. It is spiritual warfare no doubt. Keep the God fearing mother incapacitated with emotional demons; render her powerless in an essence. Because she has a son who has been called to preach the son feels the call but because of His past mistakes he has guilt and will waver in believing it is God calling him. He feels he is presuming it. I could help him as I know oh so well what guilt of your past can do to a person and how satan will fill a person full of his lies. Preventing them from forgiving their self and moving forward in God’s will. Guilt is cancer to the soul. I understand this because he is going through much of what I have gone through, in some situations exactly what I went through. By that I mean there was a time I was very close to God but because of marital trouble and separation. I pulled away from God and I felt then there was a call on my life. Things got really bad in my life and each time I refused to heed to God, the next time something happened in my life it would be worse. After I almost lost both my children, God spared my children. I surrendered. I would be afraid to turn from God now. My older brother was a preacher and he backslid, he felt drawn back to God and even prayed about it. He told me, he prayed,’ Lord I want to get back into your will, I want preach your word. Even if it means doing it flat on my back.’ He said when he was praying he felt God all around him. Sadly, he went back into the world. Two weeks later he was in an accident that left him paralyzed. My brother was indeed flat on his back the last years of his life. God did give us all free will but when He decides it is time for you to do His will and starts whispering it to your soul and a person runs from it. First of all there is no running from God. Where is there to run too? He has power we cannot even conceive of and everything belongs to Him. Bottom line God wants someone working in His fields, He will take a person to a place in their life where they have no one to rely on but Him. Nowhere to look but up with their eyes on Him. And it is painful. So please pray for this man and his mother. Pray he hears God loud and clear like he never has before so that he does not have to endure what others have.
I am still not sure what God wants me to do but I know He has something for me. Sometimes I feel like I am supposed to be teaching (church) and an Intercessor in prayer. I am not sure but this time I am not about to run. Unless it is after Him and I know I will never have to do that.
Thank you.

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