Fasting with a purpose

On Tuesday Nov 30th 2010 I heard a voice tell me I need to start a spiritual fast on Sunday night @ 12 am which is actually Monday morning for 45 days.

I have never fasted past 21 days which also was the first time I have ever fasted in my life.

God has blessed me behind beyond belief, prior to my dedication and acknowledgment that the blessings have come from Jesus.

I prayed on the fast and what I am expecting from God, and suspended myself from face book.

Today is Sunday and I started to look for some assistance on the web of biblical guidance and the Lord led me to this web site.

I also marked my calendar is weekly (7) day slots so that I can write down what any spiritual revelation I receive during the 45 days.

I know this fast is of and From God as the last day of my Fast is Jan 20, 2011
The day I was born on the earth

To God be the Glory!!!!

God is so real and I am praying that I may become a phenomenal blessing in the body of Jesus Christ.

Peace & many Blessings,

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  1. i pray that your fast will be successful and remember to maintain humbleness and humility during your fast.

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