4years ago i met a very nice lady in campus and i fell in love with her . From there I prayed to God for him to give me the opportunity to share a lifetime with her and a year later we got into a relationship that lasted two years.We broke up last year and it stil hurts me till now because she is the only lady i want to share my whole life with and ever since i met and dated her i have always prayed to God to give us a lifetime together. However, during the relationship, I made mistakes some intentionally and others unintentional that hurt her so much that she called off the relationship. Now she tells me that she cant consider me in her life again but am finding it hard to move on with my life because i have never contemplated a life with anyone else except her. the feeling is even interfering in my job because i always get myself thinking more of my sad situation other than concentrate in my work. i have sought God’s help for a brand new start in my life and in my relationship with this lady. deep inside my heart i dont want to give up on her because she made me the happiest guy alive and want that to last a lifetime.I have started fasting for God’s intervention for her to change her mind and for her to give our relationship a second chance.I will fast for 40days and please join in and pray for me on this issue because am really affected.PLEASE GOD IN HEAVEN GIVE US A SECOND CHANCE, PLEASE. please brethren pray for me to THE LORD our God to se me through and give us a second chance.

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