Falsely Accused of Murder – Keith Longtin


Falsely arrested for murder

The testimony of Keith Longtin

On October 4, 1999 my wife was taken from me through a brutal murder for which I was later accused of committing and subsequently jailed for and informed that the State of Maryland was seeking the death penalty against me for extenuating circumstances in their case.

In June 1999 I was told I was called and anointed by God himself to preach.

It gives me great pleasure to give this testimony in the witness of God through Jesus Christ for whom I owe my life.

As earlier stated this testimony begins on October 4th, 1999 when my wife was brutally raped and murdered while I was nowhere near the rape and murder scene nor aware that any violent acts had occurred.

On October 5th I was picked up by the Prince George's County Police and questioned for 33 hours straight about the matter and in the end the police charged me with the murder.

During the time of questioning I never admitted the murder and continued to stand firm that I had nothing to do with anything surrounding their case. I loved my wife no matter what anyone said and wanted them to believe me.

The Prince George's County Police twisted my words and added some of their own where they saw fit and concluded that I had given them a full confession that I had in-fact given them what they needed to prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law – THE DEATH PENALTY!

I then spent Eight months in the Prince George's County Detention Center on the charge of Murder in the First Degree – a crime I did not commit and had nothing to do with. During my stay in detention I lost everything I owned because the Police would not even let my Pastor, Pastor Randy Gurley of The Tabernacle Church, remove my personal belongings and put them in storage. This request was made shortly before they evicted me from my apartment while I was still in jail and the apartment was still a crime scene.

During this entire ordeal I feel that I was severely mistreated and that the Prince George's County Police showed absolutely no respect for even the dead – my dead wife! I thought what kind of demons are these people who affix their minds on one thing and loose sight of all other possibilities? – why won't they believe me and look for the real culprit? – I only knew that I had to make my stand with Jesus.

I continually prayed that Jesus would lead the police to the real culprit of this heinous crime and that He grant me the strength to endure my loss, my pain, my ill feelings, my resentment, etc

Then finally my walk with the Lord paid off – I was free – they let me out of jail – but why? – the guards never told me anything – they just came and got me and told me to pack my things that I was being released on June 12th, 2000.

On November 17th, 2000 I was informed that the State of Maryland had dropped all charges against me and that they had conclusive DNA evidence against another person and had made another arrest in the case.

This is only a small portion of my testimony. I have more for God's glory on this. All I had was the word of God and through His grace I stood on it. God spoke to me! He revealed Himself to me in His word. He delivered me from the mouth of the lion. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Keith A. Longtin

God's Warrior (One of Many)
4804 Berwyn Road, 
College Park, MD 20740 
            (301) 474-5769      


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