Faith in God the Father

Hey family i am new.. but anyway that is for another post
i need your help i am busy doing a research essay on Faith and God the Father and i was wondering if u can give a couple or so views on:
i. Definitions of: Faith, God and Father-
ii. The names of God and why they are important
iii. Gods Providence sustenance and governance
iv. God the Father in a modern fatherless society
thanx family
v. The balance between father son and spirit and if how do we pray to one with out the other (or can we)

and well anything else u guys can think about
thnx allot


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  1. fishiigoroar says:

    i too have wondered about that question, but as my understanding goes as now, i believe Father God wants us to pray to him directly =D! He says to pray to Him in the name of Jesus =D ! Only through Jesus do our prayers get answered by God almighty ! So i say here they both play a very important role ! Therefore we need one to be able to reach the other. They all play their part in prayer. The Holy Spirit is what yearns us to pray to him =D !

    We all do different services in the ministry of God such as divine healing, preaching, pastoring, giving, caring, cleaning, praise n worship, praying if one of these services were to cease the others would b fruitless, just as our body would find it hard to function without our organs – given certain tasks, and do not our organs operate together helping us live. If one organ was to fail, we would have extreme problems. Such is the importance of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

    So my understanding is they all share a veri balanced and important role in our Christian lives and we cannot pray to God without the other ^^ !

    If i am wrong, correct me, if this does not seem right in your eyes. I am new to His word =D but this is wat i understand so far.

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