Faith and Works

I remember years ago,on sunday afernoons people would visit my grandmother,and you could hear them praying from outside in the yard.People then used their faith by spending their sundays praying for church members and friends of the church,then later that night,back in the church singing and shouting praising God. Now days if you did these things you might be called a nut. My aunt would occasional run around the church praising Jesus,even with a cast on a broken leg, Then sometimes fast were called,each member would choose a time and the church would have a continueing fast around the clock for a month for souls. WHAT HAPPEN, Our brothers and sisters are crying out for help and get a sermon instead. Everyone wants to preach or be important or be heard. In these last days we need prayer warriors,willing to accept a burdon for a brother or sister and fast and pray until that one is delivered and then move to the next one.This is faith with works. and that really works. Our rewards are for picking up a brother or sister from the valley and pray for that one until they are on the mountain! Talk doesn’t get it done,its not always the preachers fault,yet their is enough blame for both preachers and congregation to go around.How are saints of God,different from all the rest, Jesus said they will know you are my diciple because you have love for one another! This is a huge weakness today,and why many suffer.Want to see a miracle,find a brother or sister in great need and pray until you reach the very throne of God.

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    What is faith?, believing that God is able, what is works?, the willingness to step in and help with a whole heart. What is fervent prayer? Our decision to pray without reguard to time,or our own problems, and bombard heaven with sincere crys to God through Jesus name. I cryed out to God and seen a dead woman sit up and wave as the ambulance took her away, I visited her the next day,there was no damage at all,yet cpr was given,no pulse, her body functions had shut down and ran out of her in the floor, people was crying and scared, so while waiting for the ambulance 3 of us gathered around and began to pray, her color came into her face,she set up,and then came the guys with the streacher,she rode out in the streacher waving as she left. God is waiting for his people to STAND on his word and waver not.

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