without faith it is impossible to please God,also it’s not an easy thing for man to wait on God,we are always in a hurry,and easily loose vision,Today’s world truly is so use to pushing a button,or finding a fast answer to everything,when it comes to waiting on God, we come unglued and full of question. The closer we get to the heat of our battles, we tend to get a little weak in the knee department towards having faith in God for the deliverence we need or want, The saying baptizm under fire is when we either get ready to fight or die,or choose to cut and run. There are disadvanges to this generation because of a lack of concern for people in church or saints of God,because of the habit of drive through service. but again the advantage of modern tech,I have the ability to share testimonies and info on things that may help someone,and also learn from others, but when it comes to faith in God,he wants us to put our best in him,and take on those battles,not nessasarily our own,but those of others who are fighting for their life,phisical or spiritual. this is a special kind of faith,one that has time and heart to put their problems aside and help press through to God for someone else. God delivers, but people must tarry until.regardless if your all alone or can find soldiers to join in.Faith is knowing God will deliver if we will believe and not give up. I wanted to hear from God bad on an issue long ago,and was depressed and oppressed,and to the point I had to hear something,and I did not want anyone to try to tell me what they thought God wanted me to know, so I went into the river in an 18 foot boat,told God no one could reach me here but you. I prayed in the floor of that boat for hours,the waves were rageing,I was willing to die in the river to hear from God. after a long time,the flesh got weak,and heart was heavy,I made it back to shore,went home beat,and discourged,3 days past ,sometime in the night I fell into a vision,which lasted all night,a 7 foot angel stood by me and said ,what you have asked for is on its way,then I went into a vision of the harvest of God,,,everyday after I looked for my promise,2 years later it came and was greater than I could ever imagined. so lift your head up to heaven and waver not.God is able to deliver far more than we can ever hope for,God Bless.

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  1. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Id like to take a moment and lift up all of my friends on this site who have become like family. Heavenly Father, I come before You in the name of My Lord and Savior Jesus. You alone know the needs of each and every member here those im close to and those I don’t know yet. But I lift up their offer lives, their families, their each and every need. I ask You to bless them Father and gather them up in Your arms and hold each and every one I and never let them go. Let Your peace comfort them and let all Your blessings overtake them. Abundantly and overflowing. In Jesus name.Amen

    • Chris Petersen says:

      My mission is simple (that is not to say easy); to unite the Flock of Christ. For is it not written that “united we stand and divided we fall”? We must focus of what we have in common (The Word of God) and if we do thus, that which divides us shall fade from view and mind. Let us therefore mind the same things and walk (and talk/write) in the True Spirit of the Lord.

      God Bless all who come in the name of the Lord, Praise be to God in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. A-Men.

      Christopher John Petersen.

    • childofjesus says:

      Only God knows how precious we are in His Sight..however it gives me great Courage & Strength to move forward pressing towards our goal, standing together in unity in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ !!

  2. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Joe, thank you for sharing that. Personally I’ve never had a battle as tough as this one where I had or have so much to lose. But God is a good God. Though the storm is ever raging on and the clouds get darker. I will still believe that Jesus is my Savior. There are times I fall to unbelief and worry and doubt. But no matter what I will get up and take a step at a time. And I will still call on Jesus. There are times I feel alone, scared, like death is knocking at my door, depression sinks in, the mind and heart grow weak, the body follows, yet while im still breathing I will still call on Jesus.

  3. The other Day my daughter told me to see this Video on YouTube so I Looked it up. What followed was a Dad of a young Daughter Whou worked in Internet technology. He had come across an open Letter from his daughter about her parents. This young girl is around 14 years old and She had blocked her parents from reading her Facebook page. This letter was Disgustingly offensive and the swearing was worse than the words the dad read. But even read, they were Obsene. She griped & complained & disrespected every adult in her life. I heard this letter and was brought back to one my own daughter had written about me. And my heart sank. Then after the dad finished reading the letter, he addressed every issue that the daughter had brought up. About getting a job, about chores about school and about a lady whom does some housework in trade for services on her computer. By the time ye finished he was so Angry, that he got up & Shot her laptop 9 times then told her that she doesn’t need to worry about getting new things for her laptop because the next laptop she gets will be one she buys herself. I ws stunned. I realize that she did wrong but this dad let his flesh take over and it was obvious to me why his kid has a dirty mouth, yet part of me was cheering him on. I couldn’t help but look to the bible & remember the type of children there would be in the last days. I raised my daughter as a belIever, yet she has turned due to things that happend to her but I couldn’t help but wonder if I had done this, what my daughter would have done to get even. How can we teach them to love when they have a heart full of dissrespect. This girl. To me was. Very troubled & her pArents most likely spoiled her. You can’t say it was abuse because he didn’t hit her, Do our kids need to be knocked down a peg or two to hAve respect? My own grandmother couldn’t get her daughters to pick up their dirty clothes so she decided to pick them up for them. The interesting thing was where she put them down, right outside their school steps & led a trail of them including their dainties right to their front door. They wasted no time grabbing their clothes away from boys & picking them up & running home. And after that, they did their own laundry and never had to be reminded to pick up their things again. My question is. Are our children so spoiled that they need harsher punishments today. What worked for my grandmother may not work today, & what are they learning from people like this Dad? How do we know what to do before things ever get to that point? I would love some input on this for I pray over my children always, even over the one who claims to Hate me. All input will be wellcome & I really Love Godly counsel. Love in Chrit Jesus, Annette

    • Chris Petersen says:


      How can I paint a picture,
      of what my eyes do see?
      How can I express these feelings,
      so deep inside of me?

      How can I touch another’s heart,
      without causing any pain?
      Please tell me darling, will I ever
      hear from you again?

      I’m searching for the truth,
      amongst a pack of blatant lies;
      and only you can stop these tears,
      falling from my eyes.

      I wake up every morning,
      wishing I was dead;
      How can I face this music,
      that is ringing in my head?

      And now with every breath I take,
      I smell your sweet cologne;
      Then with a flood of memories,
      again start wishing you’d come home.

      I’m sorry for all I’ve said and done,
      that’s caused you such distress;
      You had every right to leave me here,
      a broken hearted mess.

      They say I’m irresponsible ,
      for accepting all the blame;
      but I don’t care what they say,
      ‘cos to me it’s all the same.

      there’s no point in a second chance,
      if one still bears a grudge;
      so whether or not it’s possible,
      I’ll let you be the judge.

      I couldn’t bear to see, what you’d do,
      if you didn’t get your way;
      so simply gave you everything,
      then had to go away.

      I could not, nor ever could,
      condone all that you have done;
      and even though I let you win,
      you act as though you won.

      You think your so exceptional,
      that you can’t do any wrong;
      but regretfully I must disagree,
      and sing to you this song.

      Although I do forgive you,
      repentant though art not;
      and so on judgement day my love,
      I’ll vouch for you a lot.

      To perish you must first be accused,
      and this I will not do;
      for the song I sing is a testimonial of,
      my true love for you.

      The fact I didn’t fight for your affections,
      doesn’t mean that I wanted them not;
      but rather have learned that they’re yours to give,
      and that you chose, to me, to not.

      Just because I did not beseech you, doesn’t mean
      that I love you any the less;
      but am belonging from the nearest possible distance,
      should you beacon for me in distress.

      Though I’d much rather be there beside you,
      I know this is not your will;
      but even after an eternity of standing bye,
      I know I’ll love you still.

      Since leaving I’ve done nothing with my life,
      but I’ve nobody to live it for;
      and live in the hope of an invitation from your heart,
      and to be welcomed through it’s door.

      What we started was never finished,
      but lays in ruin by mutual neglect;
      stifled by short-sighted ignorance,
      and foolish pride, that is due no respect.

      All I treasure I carry with me,
      most my fondest memories of you;
      and my burdens, the fonder memories,
      that we never knew.

      Third degree burns upon the hearts,
      of two lovers drifting apart;
      because of woeful words that were once said,
      born of each other’s tongues undead.

      If you think these words distasteful,
      then you have their meaning wrong;
      it’s not my intention to upset you, but merely hope you regret,
      as much as I that things turned out wrong.

      All my LOVE always
      Christopher John (CJ)

      The poem above was written in memory of my first wife. I have included it here, that it may help others to reconcile the loss of a Loved One. I can never bear any malace toward her, for if it where not for me loosing her then I never would have come to know God and Jesus Christ. I shall always be greatful to her for breaking my Heart and greatful to God for teaching me to keep and open Heart. Seems a bit ironic that I share this with you on today of all days (Valentine’s Day).

      God Love you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

      Christopher John Petersen.

      • You made me cry, A love so deep I felt for my ex husBand, but it was not returned and parts reminded me of my child whom has turned from all those who love her & chosen to follow the Liar. What a tender meek and geNtle spirit you hold. Thank you for the tiers I cried were to me liken to the Love you poured out of your Heart. God Bless you, In Christ Jesus, your sis, Annette

        • Chris Petersen says:

          A little exercise you may wish to try…(or not)?

          Stand in front of a mirror (one where you can see above your head), raise your arms over your head placing your palms together with all fingers touching the corresponding fingers of the other hand. Move your palms apart keeping the fingertips touching and roll your thumbs until they are pointing down (but still touching), then roll your index finger-tips (pointing fingers) down toward the tips of your thumbs and you should see a graphical depiction of the “First and Greatest Commandment” appear.

          “The eye sees all, but the mind shows us what (it comprehends, identifies or knows) we want/expect to see”.

          Humm! Too vague and you only saw a heart. Okay maybe we need to take a lesson from my 4-year-old son (you see he is very observant).

          We were driving home on Sunday from doing some shopping. Driving up a slight hill approaching a set of traffic lights that had changed to Red. While we where stopped at the lights he said excitedly “I see an Alligator”. Being at a loss as to where it was I asked him where it was, to which he replied “Up there in the sky”. And then we saw what he saw, a cloud formation that looked remarkably like an Alligator with it’s head raised ready to strike. I was so focused on the traffic-lights, that I failed to see “the big picture”.

          Now I think it’s time to go back to the mirror (drawing board)…Most people are so focused on watching your hands and what they were doing that that is all you recognised. We need to consider the entire picture and I give you some clues of what to look for.

          Clue #1 Is not the front of the head also referred to as a “Temple” and we should have God sealed in our foreheads?

          Clue #2 Do we not keep all that we treasure in a “Treasure Chest” and our Treasure where our Heart is?

          Clue #3 Did not Jesus refer to his body as a “Church” that if distroyed would be raised again?

          Clue #4 Do we not put a “Steeple” above our church to channel (focus) all our prayers, worship and praise toward heaven?

          Clue #5 And finally, atop the Steeple we put “A SPIRE” nee aspire (transmitting our aspirations or Heart’s Desires).

          Clue #6 Pretend if you will (in Spirit) that you cup your praying hands around your Heart’s Deepest Desires and “don’t forget to open it so God can see what is inside”. Remember an open Heart is a Loving Heart.

          God’s Love be with you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

          Christopher John Petersen.

          p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day.

      • childofjesus says:

        Should Thy mercy send me sorrow, toil and woe;
        Or should pain attend me on my path below;
        Grant that I may never fail Thy hand to see;
        Grant that I may ever cast my care on Thee —Montgomery

        God has a purpose in our heartaches,
        The Savior always knows what’s the best;
        We learn so many precious lessons
        In each sorrow, trial and test. —Jarvis

        • Chris, I’m going to send a contact request to you, I am already friends with Shanta, but the more we know in eachother the more we learn of ouR father & his love. I hope you accept my request. Love in christ Jesus, your sis, Annette

  4. I Love your faith & Strength. Just had to tell you. Love in Christ Jesus, your sis,Annette

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      I don;t tell these things for any reason except to show what God will do,and he will do for everyone who will seek him. the things I write are about my life,because I was there and am a witness to God;s willingness to reach down low for a nobody such as me,and show his great mercy and heart,

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