without faith it is impossible to please God,also it’s not an easy thing for man to wait on God,we are always in a hurry,and easily loose vision,Today’s world truly is so use to pushing a button,or finding a fast answer to everything,when it comes to waiting on God, we come unglued and full of question. The closer we get to the heat of our battles, we tend to get a little weak in the knee department towards having faith in God for the deliverence we need or want, The saying baptizm under fire is when we either get ready to fight or die,or choose to cut and run. There are disadvanges to this generation because of a lack of concern for people in church or saints of God,because of the habit of drive through service. but again the advantage of modern tech,I have the ability to share testimonies and info on things that may help someone,and also learn from others, but when it comes to faith in God,he wants us to put our best in him,and take on those battles,not nessasarily our own,but those of others who are fighting for their life,phisical or spiritual. this is a special kind of faith,one that has time and heart to put their problems aside and help press through to God for someone else. God delivers, but people must tarry until.regardless if your all alone or can find soldiers to join in.Faith is knowing God will deliver if we will believe and not give up. I wanted to hear from God bad on an issue long ago,and was depressed and oppressed,and to the point I had to hear something,and I did not want anyone to try to tell me what they thought God wanted me to know, so I went into the river in an 18 foot boat,told God no one could reach me here but you. I prayed in the floor of that boat for hours,the waves were rageing,I was willing to die in the river to hear from God. after a long time,the flesh got weak,and heart was heavy,I made it back to shore,went home beat,and discourged,3 days past ,sometime in the night I fell into a vision,which lasted all night,a 7 foot angel stood by me and said ,what you have asked for is on its way,then I went into a vision of the harvest of God,,,everyday after I looked for my promise,2 years later it came and was greater than I could ever imagined. so lift your head up to heaven and waver not.God is able to deliver far more than we can ever hope for,God Bless.

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