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Precious Testimonies – wonderful, well presented, quality testimonies from people from different backgrounds.

New Exodus Fellowship Testimonies – excellent testimonies by Category from a church in Cockeysville, Md. It would be great if other churches would follow their example and publish such sites which show how much the Lord is doing for people!.

Changing Lives Online – wonderful testimonies from people from different backgrounds.

Barb’s Entourage / Christian Testimonies – contains links to some excellent testimonies and other
really good Christian material. Plus links to lots of great resources!

Peggie’s Place – this popular site contains links to testimonies and many other resources.

Olson House – site with Christian testimonies and other useful information.


Healing Testimonies

The Betty Baxter Story – a wonderful story of the love of Jesus and a testimony of God’s power to
do ANYTHING. A young girl, hopelessly crippled from birth with many incurable diseases is
miraculously healed by the power of God.

of Healing
– In 1982 I had cancer in a class 4b stage. I had Hodgkins
Disease. It had spread into my bone marrow. I was given six months to
live unless chemo did a miracle. I was on chemo for 10 months(went past
my six months(thank GOD). I went to a Spirit-filled revival and GOD healed

The Healing of Congressman Upshaw 

Healed of Cancer!

Healed of Heart Trouble

From Norway

A Murderer Comes to Christ

David Berkowitz – David is one of America’s most famous serial killers, better known as “Son of
Sam”. He was adopted at a very young age. When he was a child, he would have all kinds of
seizures. He was a very violent kid with lots of depressed and weird behaviour too. For a period he
had very strong suicidal urges. He could barely keep himself from jumping in front of a train. After
having served in the Army for three years he tried to get back to normal life but he got more and
more stuck into the occult. After crossing a line of no return he killed six people and wounded 8 of
whom one became paralysed and one blind. He was sentenced to 365 years in prison. After being
ten years in prison an inmate came up to him with a Bible. After reading Ps. 34:6 he converted
himself and he has been on several tv programs in the States including the 700 club. 

Dreams, Visions, and Near Death Experiences

Return from Tomorrow – My NDE occurred 9 August 1963 and I was clinically dead for 17+
minutes. Read the story of John Foreman

I Tried To Kill Myself

Judy and Trena Rogers – Treena drowned and when ambulance personnel failes to get her
back to life her mother (Judy) starts crying out to God. She was quite a backslider when it
came to faith. But even though the ambulance personnel say Trena is gone she suddenly
starts to breathe. She is rushed into the hospital but the doctors say that she probably has
brain damage. She also is in a coma. Her mother prays again for her and she wakes up.
They are now serving in a music ministry together. 

Soon Testimonies – you can get these stories sent to you regularly!

In Memory of A Truck Driver
– Larry and Nancy Hughes tell of their son’s unexpected death shortly
after he came back to the Lord.

More Salvation Testimonies

Out of General Unbelief

Bob and Susie Edwards
Karl Barek
Kevin Raymond
Dennis Mullen

Eddie Roman
Richard Bartolomay
Nkonye Oyewusi

Jews who found the Messiah

David Yaniv – A Jewish man in Tel Aviv is healed of paralysis. Doctors say, ‘A medical

Out of Islam

Muslims Who Turned To Christ <

Out of Mormonism

Mari Sexton

Keena Tomko
Jel Cat
Jim Scott
The Johnsons
Keith Peterson
John Sanders

Out of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jeramiah Giehl
Ken Necochea


(Note:  I recognize that many – but not all – Catholics are Christian).

C. Temple

Out of the New Age Movement

Tamara Roberson

Out of Swedenborgianism

David Weaver

More Salvation Testimonies

Tracy’s Testimony –  shows how God can use a tract and more.

Deliverance from the Occult

James Justin shares about his experience with the supernatural, how he was deceived by occultic
powers and how he turned to Jesus Christ. A fascinating story.

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