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Recently I have begun to record messages on video for the edification of Christians. This is being done in obedience to the command of Jesus to "teach all nations" (Matthew 28:19).

The main thrust of the channel is to do expository teaching of the Word of God. I'm seeking to reveal the meaning of important passages of the Bible, dealing with entire chapters on a verse by verse basis. When people know the Word of God, they will be stronger Christians, and I believe those listening will be blessed.

The channel is located at


Would you like to help me reach more people?

You can, all you need to do is start commenting on the videos.

Apparently, when people comment on videos, it makes them more popular in the youtube search results.

Whether you agree or disagree, or you want clarification on something I said, please post a quick one or two line comment on as many videos as you listen to.

You can also register for a youtube account and subscribe to the channel.

If you like the videos, please share them on facebook with your friends.

Your participation in this way will encourage me to keep praying for this, working on this and doing my best for the Lord. Its a serious investment of time. Over time, I believe the quality of the videos will improve, but even now, I believe they have solid and valuable content.

Yours for the Harvest,


Michael Fackerell

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Michael is the founder of Christian faith dot come, a site about Jesus. He came to save the lost. Bible teaching, Testimonies, Salvation, Prayer, Faith, Networking.

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