entire santification

entire santification is almost a teaching that is lost,and many who understand it have died or lost their way through the years.its meaning is that the Holyghost will totally take away the sinful nature of man and break the bonds of habits,addictions,and such that we cannot do own our own.instantly supernaturally,on the spot….Many teachers,preachers and laymen miss out on this because of lack of information.Its easy to get an argement over this issue,mostly because people these days are so prideful they think they know more than the old time less educated back woods preachers.The fact is they spent their time in prayer and fasting,and learned from God rather than man.They knew if God was big enough to save them he was big enough to keep them from the bondage of sin and addictions as well. I heard a story once of a man who had a garden and he watered it every day from an old well because of a drought.he tried to save it and worked very hard pulling up water from the well but losing the battle.arain cloud finally came and dumped plenty of water on his garden,he set a chair in the yard and sat down outside in the rain,his wife said why are you sitting in the rain.he said just admiring what God so easily can do,what take great efford for man,so is entire santification,If we get out of the way ,what is impossible!

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  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    Santification of the Spirit,is a vital part of staying saved, anyone who has ever had the HolyGhost come in to a believers heart and fire actually burn away the sinful nature we are born with.,never will be the same,wheather he stays with God or abanden him,the experence is unlike anything on earth,,,,people struggle with desires of the flesh and the nature of man to sin,without santification by God,,and lose the battle,,,an alcoholic cant stop in most cases and even if he does manage ,he is 1 drink away from going back,,,but if God santifys him,,you could bathe him in the stuff,he would not even pay it any mind,,no pull to go back at all!,regardless of what has the flesh bound,would be instantly as if it was never there or never known, this is real santification,,we dont have to struggle with these things,,only walk right once you have no desire for it,,,,those that know what I;m talking about tell it,shout it let the people know it really is there,,,,The blood of Jesus cleances us from all bondage,but must seek and find,or fight bondage of sin anf begging forgiveness,sin and beg forgiveness everyday of you tormented walk,,,,,plus not to mention the gaining of faith and great testimonies,,,,,write it down this will build strong christians for Jesus and make life easier for everyone….but the devil

    • Yes my spirit is grieved….but not by the devil and his taunts and tricks of sabotage. What grieves me?…that I will reveal as you read on.

      A joke told once might be funny, but it loses it’s umph…and isn’t funny the second time around. In the same sense, nor are the same old taunts by the devil. It only serves as additional weight that will witness him guilty before the judge, though this is much to the devils denial of reality and disbelief regarding the official pursuit, yes even satan thinks that somehow he might be victorius. This denial will lead to certain surprise for ‘all’ involved as I assure you it is real.

      Regarding the pitfalls of publicly expressing someones fantasy of thought…the fantasy of ones ambition should never cause a man or satan to start a race without being CERTAIN of how it will be finished….a juggler can only do the same routine for so long before even he gets bored with it and if his final blaze of glory doesn’t get him the applause he desires…then he will be disappointed, shamed and be worse off than when he began. It’s sad that the devil has nothing of his own to boast about, no real triumphs to waive as a victorious flag to the world. If there’s nothing inside like character or substance or self respect to show the world, then he can only resort to trying to cut down the Oak Tree to give him an opportunity to look down at it. Maybe the devil shouldn’t compare himself to the child of God if he can’t rise above on his own merits. The devil may seethe and may spit with anger, but his weapons are like an Australian boomerang. He throws his punch and it circles around and hit’s it’s mark. The bigger the punch/boomerang, the harder it returns and more damage it does when it hits it’s mark. Ones self worth and value isn’t a measure against another man, but against self, internally and his relationship with God Almighty, You see when a person who is born again and a Child of God and they know, no matter what satan tries to throw or does throw at them, that he/satan is a liar, terrorist and a thief. A child of God is NOT subject to satan and will never bow his knee to him. A child of God does not have to ‘muster up’ what it takes to press to the end and be victorius, it comes natural to the child of the God on High. He eats, sleeps and breathes conflict to the point that the more the devil thows at him, the more he is energized and moved to achieve victory. It could be seen as an old time, ‘game of chicken’ where two cars speed toward each other and one must blink or they both die in the crash. I’ve always been intrigued by that on TV shows and don’t believe what they normally show to be the outcome, where one swerves at the last minute to avoid destruction. I don’t believe that happens so often in the real world, because anyone willing to play the game is willing to die for his principles and won’t swerve. I believe in most games of this type..the end is certain head on collision..The only time to have turned back was before the crash was imminent because once they’ve ‘launched’ the sense of pride in front of the spectators takes over and it’s a fools death. Alternatively, if the two were to ‘stop the game’ before the final turn was rounded, then it could be resolved..as I would hope to be. The devil should even consider and evaluate that not me the child of God, not Jesus or even GOD himself is behind the outcome of certain scenarios. Who knows, the devil may be doomed, via the workings of the Holy Ghost cleverly setting the devil up to be destroyed from this earth! Hmmm…yes desperate times call for desperate measures and if one doesn’t repent of their evil ways, as I have, then that one will be subject to the plan of destruction he never saw coming just as satan was removed from his throne on earth. Satan tried to become as GOD and satan is now subject to a torment of his own plan. Satan didn’t get their by sin of self, but the sin a aggression toward man and God and as satan has learned, it becomes too late to re-evaluate a miscalculation and over reach of power. I beg you to consider the power of pride, and I mean this, the power of pride and hurt and offense to cloud judgment. It’s humility and cooperation that gives all men long prosperous lives and it’s the foolish idle talk and actions that bring destruction to them all.

      This child of God, doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the devil, but is eternally owned and subject to the leading of the “HolyGost” who’s power to do all things and accomplish miracles should never be underestimated. Note…that I say I am owned by the HG and not the other way around..that would be blasphemy…I would never attempt a coup. My hearing is faint as I never hear the HG voice clearly so I wander aimlessly and fearfully into stupid knee jerk reactions. Should I hear the HolyGhost clearly in the voice of man, I would obey whatever I was instructed, be it pennance or restitution or service. I can be a humble man, I know the error of my own ways and have over reached myself in order to know one better…I will suffer the ‘just’ consequences as mette out, approved and lead or guided by the HolyGhost, humbly to fullfil the wishes and desire of the HG.

      Let’s all come together for peace and love and prayer if that’s what is required…then there will be peace on earth and goodwill toward men. It is said that satan can come masquerading as an angel of light…well I believe in the same sense a child of God over-reaching can appear to be satan, when really there is time to turn back the clock and see that it’s not satan but a mere man like me….we must before it’s too late.

      “Yes my spirit is grieved….but NOT by the devil or his silly taunts and tricks of sabotage. No that’s not what grieves me. What grieves me is when I “believe” that the Holy Ghost has forsaken me and more. I know deep down that can’t be true, but in the light of my circumstances and the fingerprints on the wall, so to speak, and seeing absence of his working power and presence….it is then, for me, it’s hard to believe…that’s why I’m grieved. I ask and pray for the Holy Spirit to do the work to salvage all soon, because if not…I’m sure Armageddon could be upon us.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      Many christians struggle with habits they simply can’t break on their own. Their are habits of drinking,and drugs and bad language,and many more. Others christian and nonchristian alike are very quick to condemn those with these problems. They don’t have answers themselves on how to fix it,but will run you down for not knowing either. The comments go like this,you don’t try hard enough or you lay it down and God will help you,or you could stop if you wanted to bad enough. The thing is that’s not always the case. Different people struggle with different things,not everyone has a problem to stop and some can;t no matter what they do,fews days after laying things down,they find themselves picking it up again and feeling worst because of it. Now for those who have this problem! (the can’t stop problem!) I have the answer,you must be cleansed by the HolyGhost. The way for this is, 1st every prayer must include this, Jesus I can’t stop on my own, My flesh craves it and without it I am hard to live with,help me, 2nd Be honest with Jesus and admit you like it but you know its wrong and the guilt is hard to bear. 3rd Tell Jesus this,unless you take it from me I be bound for life ,I’m a king’s kid burn out the cravings as if I never known it or I will continue until I die. continue doing it,but pray at least 2 hrs a day , until delivered ,don’t try to help Jesus other than pray this prayer in your own way,If you don;t let it go and give it completely to Jesus,you will never be free of it, now I know I will be critisized for this but it is real and I guarantee results as long as 1st you hand it over to Jesus,2nd be very sincere,3rd don;t try to help.other than what I said ,God is big enough to take care of his own and will,This will not be in your head it will be an actual phyical powerful complete deliverence,period I know because I have been there, I am the proof,28 years ago,the desire went away instantly after the burning fire inside finally left ,thought I would die before he would turn me loose,it was as if I never knew it no pull,no disire,no temptation,praise God I was free and today still fre completely with no pull at all, God won’t share credit for his deliverence,MUST GIVE IT ALL TO HIM.

      • lookinforacity says:

        Hi HR11

        There is nothing that can be compared with the word of God, or His children and the word of their testimony.
        Psa 150:6
        Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.

        Be Blessed

  2. Hi Holyroller – i was very interested in your post and i found this site below:-

    Give your heart, your life, your talents, your time to Jesus Christ and ask the Lord to replace our will with His will.
    Be as gentle as a dove but as wise as a serpent.
    Be slow to speak but swift to hear.

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