entire santification

entire santification is almost a teaching that is lost,and many who understand it have died or lost their way through the years.its meaning is that the Holyghost will totally take away the sinful nature of man and break the bonds of habits,addictions,and such that we cannot do own our own.instantly supernaturally,on the spot….Many teachers,preachers and laymen miss out on this because of lack of information.Its easy to get an argement over this issue,mostly because people these days are so prideful they think they know more than the old time less educated back woods preachers.The fact is they spent their time in prayer and fasting,and learned from God rather than man.They knew if God was big enough to save them he was big enough to keep them from the bondage of sin and addictions as well. I heard a story once of a man who had a garden and he watered it every day from an old well because of a drought.he tried to save it and worked very hard pulling up water from the well but losing the battle.arain cloud finally came and dumped plenty of water on his garden,he set a chair in the yard and sat down outside in the rain,his wife said why are you sitting in the rain.he said just admiring what God so easily can do,what take great efford for man,so is entire santification,If we get out of the way ,what is impossible!

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