Encountering some odd things during fasting.

Hello, My name is Casey. I am about a quarter through my first extended water fast.I did research and prayed so I feel pretty confident that I’m on the right path.Physically,It’s just as I had read…spiritually,It feels like something is missing.I know its not God.It must be with me.I have so many things that Im believing God for right now and Im trying so hard to do this right..to have my heart right.Im praying and doing my best to pray scripturally. Heres the thing..I have now been struggling with severe moodiness.Lately, Its been so easy to be rude with certain people and Im ashamed..getting offended has also become very easy.I recognize this so I started praying a few new scriptures just yesterday on my behavior and and low and behold,since last night I have had encounters from SEVERAL rude and mean people.One was a ugly insult about my 9 yr old son.(by an adult) and getting hit not once,but twice in the grocery store by someone pushing a buggy.once in the rear and one into my heel.neither included apologies.Im biting my lip to walk in love and dont understand why grace isnt emanating from me like i think it should,I have to ask for forgiveness a lot.Can anyone help me understand this.A person cant be a good witness when theyre either snapping or wanting to snap.I dont want to be a rude ole crank..whats wrong?

What do YOU think?



  1. Chemically, our bodies can be depleted of some of the minerals that help our emotions to function smoothly, I understand, during water fasting.

    Juice fasting is a lot easier, doesn't have this problem I found. But also it may not be as powerful. Be led by God. Remember that the blood of Jesus cleanses you, and remember that the character and other benefits are normally seen AFTER the fast, not during it.

  2. Fasting is used by God to reveal hidden imperfections and bring us to a new place of dependence on God.

    Just as water fasting brings many toxins out of our physical body, so it can bring character flaws in the flesh to the surface that were never or rarely seen. Fasting puts pressure on the flesh. It also attracts both God's Spirit and demonic attack. See in the example of Jesus. During his fast it said that "wild beasts were with Him" (irritations) and then Satan came to Him tempting Him. When you can overcome all these things with the Word, you are a trusted vessel for the Lord and His power.

    • Thanks Michael,I thought these might just be attacks and not just coincidences.I will keep reading those particular scriptures and view these incidences as opportunities to overcome.I’m so glad I found this site!

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