Elton John calls for ban on organised religion

According to this report on the BBC website, Sir Elton John has called for a ban on organised religion. I quote

Sir Elton John has said he would like to see all organised religion banned and accused it of trying to “turn hatred towards gay people”.

Organised religion lacked compassion and turned people into “hateful lemmings”, he told the Observer.

But the musician said he loved the idea of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beautiful stories about it which he had learned at Sunday school.

And he said there were many gays he knew who loved their religion.

According to the singer-songwriter, 59, his solution would be to “ban religion completely, even though there are some wonderful things about it”.

Now hopefully it is still alright for us to strongly disagree with an idea without this being perceived as a hateful attack by a “lemming”. The kind of “love” that calls its opponents “lemmings” itself looks a bit unfriendly to me, but we won’t go into that.

The idea being proposed is NOT that homosexuals not be allowed to organise their efforts, for this they will certainly continue to do – but that Christians, Hindus, Jews and muslims – or any other religious group – be forbidden to organise their efforts, to work together according to their beliefs. In other words, no one should be free to practice their religion if it has an element of community. Presumably then, even “gays who love their religion” should be banned from practicing it.

The communists tried a similar idea and in some places they still do. To enforce this ban, communists threw people into jail, sent them to re-education camps and the like. How would Sir Elton propose that the authorities punish those who persist in religious activities despite the proposed ban on organised religion? How can all these religious people be forced to stop? Confiscate all their property? And then? Throw them in prison? In solitary confinement? I don’t know. How do you force people to stop doing something they really like doing together? If consenting Christians want to worship Christ together in the privacy of their own homes or even in public places for that matter, and they are doing it with some sort of organisation or purpose, what is wrong with that? Is it appropriate for an enlightened society to impose punishment on such a thing?

All communities require organisation to function. Sir Elton is apparently calling in this article for the leaders of religions to get together and work things out for world peace, but it would be a bit hard for them to do it if they were banned by international law from even existing. Recent events in Jerusalem have shown that about the only thing that the leaders of world religions are united on IS their opposition to homosexual practices. Perhaps this is why Sir Elton wants all the religions banned.

If organised religion is banned, we should not be free to gather together and worship the Lord Jesus Christ, we should not be free to build schools, hospitals, orphanages. All this requires organised effort. You cannot be a follower of Jesus Christ without at least seeking to obey the teachings of the New Testament, which include a lot on church life. It won’t matter how much you “love the teachings of Jesus Christ” if you are forbidden by law from putting many of them into practice – such as the one which says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. He who believes and is baptised will be saved, but he who does not believe will be damned.” (Mark 16:15,16).

According to this report, the idea has been tabled that organised religion turns people into “hateful lemmings”. By the way, who gets to define the meaning of the word “hate”? I’d like to know if I can declare that everyone hates me who disagrees with what I do. I don’t think its really the same thing. To hate implies to desire evil to come on a person, to desire a person’s destruction. True Christians don’t hate homosexuals. Jesus came to seek and save US ALL. We all broke God’s law, whether we practiced homosexuality or not. Jesus came to bring us back to God. He took the punishment for our sins, and now invites us to forsake our sins and live in purity.

Sir Elton apparently says that organised religion “does not work”. What does that mean? All the schools, all the hospitals, all the orphanages built by Christians over the years “do not work”? All the reformations in society such as the abolition of the practice of throwing the widow on the funeral pyre of her husband and burning her to death – which came about through William Carey in India – these “do not work”. Not work for what, or for whom?

Give me a break.

Dangerous ideas need to be addressed, even if they come from famous musicians, because ideas like this lead to beliefs and can end up further abolishing the freedoms that people fought and died for. And when society persecutes people for seeking to obey Jesus Christ, then that entire society comes under the judgment of God. Just compare North and South Korea if you want to see what I mean. South Korea is an advanced nation, while in the North, where organised religion is banned, well – people are eating grass just to survive.

What do YOU think?


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  1. While Elton John claims that religion of any kind is dangerous……what he fails to point out, is the fact that religion is only dangerous to him and his kind. God tells in the book of Romans what will happen to them.

  2. Cleanasfire says:

    cleanasfire loves you in Jesus’ name. Elton has made many broad sweeping ego driven statements of late, Banning the internet was one of them, as well as this one. I have always enjoyed a lot of his songs in my younger carnal days. His melodies were a powerful influence and changed the way I wrote music for a time. However when I was but a small lad in Pennsylvania, I remember finding out he was a gay man and I burned his records In Langhorne Pa. I lived in many homosexual strongholds in my life and nowadays I feel sorry for those who follow that lifestyle of lust. Elton as a person is very emotionally up and down, he constantly tries to make what isn’t naturally right in the Lords eyes to be ok with others. He thinks he has power and control over our world, obviously deceived as I was for many years. Jesus Christ is Lord…not Reginald Dwight. I pray for Gay people and do love them as a brother. I am in the entertainment business and there are many gay brothers and sisters in that arena.

  3. robert longo says:

    elton john, the ACLU, and a few other socialist hollywood types, are to me the most hateful ones.

  4. I really enjoy E John’s music, and, although I do not approve of the gay lifestyle, I appreciate his freedom to live it. Various clerics have had different interpretations of the Lord’s opinion of homosexuality. It is not mine to judge. I am sorry that religions as a whole have offended him. As they say, sorry seems to be the hardest word. The man has been known to say things that he later takes back. I don’t know if, after stewing with his statements for a few days, he still feels this way. I just pray that he, like all of us, can come to be more tolerant of others that are different from us. I respect the man for the causes that he has fought for, including AIDS research. I hope that, as he reads reactions to his words, he will come to embrace religion, not turn it away.

    • Well this is no surprise to me. I believe that the Bible says that god created men male & female he created them. I believe that when adam was made eve was in him as well so god caused a deep sleep to come over Adam and he took eve out of Adam. He didn’t take a man out of Adam; he took a woman nor did he take Adam out of Eve. When you read your bible, you will find out that those who are homosexual worship their own body & they do not make it a temple for God to Dwell. Now I may have offended many, but these arE teachings in the bible & I did not write these words God did through his people & you may say that it is only a little sentence but it still is in there & you can’t take it out without offending God. I do have compassion for the masses of homosexuals yet I choose not to become one with them. We all fight our flesh every day so I put them in my prayers. But I would rather follow God than my fleshly desires. because there is no love without him. For he is Love. Not Sex. Now to those I offended it wasn’t my word spoken here, they are words from the bible & God doesn’t change, but he can Love you enough to change you. Its up to you to choose for yourself.

      • Chris Petersen says:


        The artist put himself to task,
        to realise a dream;
        and gathered up and set it so,
        it did not show a seam.

        with loving hands he polished it,
        and when each piece was done;
        he set it all in motion,
        giving life to every one.

        Then he put a keeper in it’s midst,
        and said “Watch over it”;
        then saw he needed company,
        and so of his breast did knit.

        then said “Come see what I’ve cast on,
        from a stitch across your heart;
        this stitch to remind both of you,
        that you should never part”.

        Now looking upon his loving work,
        behold it has been dashed;
        for some have come along, and with
        a tarnished brush have splashed;

        With fond filled fancies,
        of lavish meadows Green;
        of shimmering Sunkissed dewdrops,
        on countless blossoms sheen.

        An array of fossils and footsteps,
        of all pleasantries ever seen;
        now memories locked in teardrops,
        of all that once had been.

        Mother Earth, once plump and fruitful,
        laid waste by foolish schemes;
        left in the hands of ignorant caretakers,
        is now falling apart at the seams.

        All the artist’s beloved creations,
        have all but come and went;
        shall the Harvest Moon not bless our skies,
        ’til this beloved Earth is spent?

        Despondent over desolate spaces,
        we dream the poet’s dream;
        of living in tranquil places,
        with peace on Earth serene.

        To live in joyous frivolity,
        with nothing to bring us down;
        to look in all directions,
        and nay have cause to frown.

        May God help us to understand and respect all that is given us A-MEN

        © by Christopher John Petersen

  5. I pitty anyone that thinks in the way John E. does. Best we can do for him is pray and try to share the truth. I believe God loves John and carries Johns burdens as well as he does ours. My hope is that John whill one day wake up and have the blinders removed from him eyes. May God touch his heart and life. You can’t ban and run from problems, you face them and ask for Gods wisdom and trust God to take care of it.

  6. Max Kila (Papua New Guinea) says:

    Sir Elton, needs Jesus. Only Jesus can give lasting hapiness regardless of what you may be confronted with.

    Kowing something from sunday school days is not good enough. You need to know Jesus more, at a personal level, at this time and age.

    Sing for Jesus for a change and experience the Good this will do to you and for you. You need Jesus.

  7. Sir Elton John sounds just a bit like Madeline Murray O-Hair. Living here in the heart of Hollywood and having conversed quite a bit with his look-a-like, I have to say that poor Elton is just so darned unhappy and misguided that he doesn’t make any sense…even to briefly chat with. He is not a happy homosexual as are most gays we see here in one of the several homosexual capitals of the world. The lack of proper male hormones does have something to do with it.

    I didn’t realize that Ellen Degeneres was raised in the heart of New Orleans, it’s no excuse but homosexuality is all the Ellen knows, and again, SHE has a shortage of female hormones. Neither individual realizes that organized religion is not what they believe it is, they suffer from rebellion and ignorance amongst other issues….from where I stand.

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