Elsy Chacko healed

My name is Elsy Chacko and I am regular viewer of the TV program which consists of the teachings from the bible and prayer sessions. I used to watch the preaching in Kairali Channel (its Malayalam channel from Kerala) also. When there was a prayer session on the day of the last program on Kairali channel, I also prayed for the sick people.

At that time, I heard the preacher announcing that a lady who had been suffering from the disease Amebiasis for many years has been healed with the blessing of Jesus Christ.

I believed that it was about me, because I had been suffering from the same disease for thirty years. I had consulted many doctors and had no effect and the strength of the medicines also made me weak.

But when I heard about this healing, I believed that God has healed me and that faith gave me the courage to stop taking tablets.

I was not allowed to stop medicines. I had some difficulties in the beginning as soon as I stopped all kinds of capsules. But I believed in my Lord and prayed. From that day on and believed what I heard about my healing, I was moving towards complete healing from my disease.

I wonder at the mercy of God which showered over me through your prayer. Now I seem to be very healthy and I can have any kind of food.

I am also suffering from Diabetes and I am taking Insulin and other capsules regularly. I have been having this disease for 9 years. I invite your prayers for me to be free from this disease. I will also pray for your activities for Lord Jesus. May the almighty God bless you all too.

Elsy Chakko

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