Eden Garden – Action Retake.



Think with me: What do you think would have happened if Adam after he sinned, instead of running away from God he ran towards God? What if Adam and Eve when they heard the footsteps of God in the garden ran and fell at God's feet asking for His forgiveness? Do you think God would have kicked them off? 


Sin brings shame and guilt, therefore they hid themselves. But think of it, all our lives would have been different if they were not tricked by the enemy to run away from God. Has not the God in the Old Testament forgiven many wicked kings and the Israelites themselves when they did truly repent?


Truth is that there is no action retake of what happened in the garden of Eden. But there is still an option to what happens in your life. We see multiplied grace and mercy through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Let's resist the devil and he will and have to flee. 


Don't you think the enemy does use the same trick, trying to chase us away from God? What about you, have you felt that the enemy pushes us to such shame that we don't want to pray or read the Bible?  


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  1. In my life there was a period which I describe as wilderness and there I had no access to word of God and fellowship, even I felt my prayers were just hitting the wall. I felt like a most grievous sinner but still I had a desire to come back to the LORD. I have always known since my childhood that God forgives all our sins though it is small like a pebble or huge like mountain. Faith and love for God was something very strong in my life and because of this none of my sins could make me feel shameful before the LORD. I truly repented for those sins and in faith I also received His forgiveness.


    I don’t know about others but my sins were not the reason which stopped me from reading Bible and praying that sometimes happened months after I came out of wilderness. The reason why I didn’t feel like praying and reading Bible was because I relied so much on my feeling of being in and out of Presence of God (Spirit of God). But even without that I loved praising the LORD for those things that my natural eyes could see.



    Things are not like that now, I love reading Bible and praying and my spiritual life is much stabilized. I know that feelings do not really matter because spiritually we are always in the Presence of God.

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