Economic meltdown

Many of us have heard about the Sub-Prime credit crunch but how many of us are fully aware of the implications?
How many of us are aware that the forthcoming economic collapse has been deliberately engineered by the international secret banking elite?

In 1984, a document, dated may 7, 1979, was discovered in an old photocopier which had been purchased at a surplus sale.

Its title was:
Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
also known as “Silent weapons for quiet wars”
It details how human behaviour can be controlled through social engineering. One of the most effective weapons in this war is economic shock.
Based on Darwinian natural selection, the document argues that the use of economics to subjugate an entire people or nation, is acceptable because the people who had the weapons at their disposal, were the “fittest”, and those who suffered hardship and suffering at their hands were “the weak”. Another example of how Charles Darwins theories helped to legitimise mass slavery and genocide.
In a parallel with the 1929 stock market crash, we have been pursuing a policy of “easy money”. Low interest rates which have fed and sustained a ten year period of house price inflation, are followed by a rate rise which means that many people will struggle to repay their debts.
Consequently house repossessions will go through the roof, inflation will rise, unemployment will rise as business tighten their belts and pension schemes will go under.
The end result is that you and I will suffer, and a downbeat, desperate, society, is one that is easier to manipulate.
The future suffering will bring about some social reforms which will move us one step closer to a one world government.

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