Economic meltdown

Many of us have heard about the Sub-Prime credit crunch but how many of us are fully aware of the implications?
How many of us are aware that the forthcoming economic collapse has been deliberately engineered by the international secret banking elite?

In 1984, a document, dated may 7, 1979, was discovered in an old photocopier which had been purchased at a surplus sale.

Its title was:
Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1
also known as “Silent weapons for quiet wars”
It details how human behaviour can be controlled through social engineering. One of the most effective weapons in this war is economic shock.
Based on Darwinian natural selection, the document argues that the use of economics to subjugate an entire people or nation, is acceptable because the people who had the weapons at their disposal, were the “fittest”, and those who suffered hardship and suffering at their hands were “the weak”. Another example of how Charles Darwins theories helped to legitimise mass slavery and genocide.
In a parallel with the 1929 stock market crash, we have been pursuing a policy of “easy money”. Low interest rates which have fed and sustained a ten year period of house price inflation, are followed by a rate rise which means that many people will struggle to repay their debts.
Consequently house repossessions will go through the roof, inflation will rise, unemployment will rise as business tighten their belts and pension schemes will go under.
The end result is that you and I will suffer, and a downbeat, desperate, society, is one that is easier to manipulate.
The future suffering will bring about some social reforms which will move us one step closer to a one world government.

What do YOU think?



  1. I think what I said basically agrees with your comment, Michael. Jesus said in Matthew 16:25, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” There is a Christian book published about 25 years ago regarding difficult times ahead that makes suggestions to get out of debt, being good stewards, and protecting assets, including moderate investing in gold and silver against economic hardships. There’s no reason to throw common sense out the window; we should maintain balance in what we do. (I’ll have to look for my copy as I don’t recall the title at the moment.)Obviously, our trust can’t be in material things. It is a common sense measure, putting some assets in such things in case our money becomes close to worthless. The coins I am referring to are actually produced by the US Mint and are uncirculated when purchased. So, clearly, they are not something our government has banned at this time, since it is issuing them. By the way, what are you referring to by “liquidation businesses?”

    As far as evangelizing is concerned, the Lord impressed me a few years ago that He commanded us to preach the gospel in what we call “The Great Commission,” and that I and all Christians have the responsibility to tell everyone we meet about Him and the gospel. I was stunned by that momentarily, knowing I had not been doing it. It was a real wake up call. Why wasn’t I sharing Jesus with everyone that way? Maybe I was embarrassed or timid or thought some people wouldn’t be “open” to hearing it? I realized I had to examine my heart and correct myself. He said in His Word that if we are “ashamed” of Him, He will be “ashamed” of us before the Father when He returns. (Luke 9:26)


  2. Amen to that michael. I have reduced my exposure to the markets because the slowdown seemed inevitable.
    There are going to be tough times ahead my friend. In my opinion we should seek to make a life for ourselves outside of the system due to that fact that it will pretty soon turn against fundamental christianity.
    God will show us the way, Hallelujah.

  3. The problem will come at its worst when measures to stimulate the economy such as cutting Fed rates no longer cause a significant response. Just last night the US stock market dropped only one day after a rate-cut inspired rally.

    When people lose hope that stock prices will rise, there is no more reason for most to own them, as current earnings are often not a good enough reason to own the stock.

    A stock market crash will take spending money out of the economy and lead to a really serious slowdown, and the cutting of jobs. This will lead to a situation where much of Middle America can no longer make mortgage payments, leading to a crash in real estate prices as lots of people are suddenly forced to sell.

    Mortgage rates can go up even when FED rates go down, because the bond holders who supply money for the mortgages will demand a lot more than the nominal FED rate in order to lend out money. As well as that, lending requirements will tighten leading to a lack of available credit. It is available credit that drives housing prices, not available cash.

    All this can lead to a situation where people are enslaved to debt they can no longer handle, even after selling their assets.

    There is no single piece of economic advice that is guaranteed to help, but obviously, if you can pay down your mortgage faster, do so. Commodities always do well in such an environment. If you own food or food sources you can survive or even prosper.

    But more importantly, learn to trust the Living God. I believe we are all going to need to learn in a greater measure how to trust Him for our daily needs.

    • I’m not sure I’m posting this correctly as I’m new to the site. Just want to say that Darwin’s “natural selection” theories have been taught all over mainstream university and college campuses for years and no doubt has become foundational to the beliefs of many “educated” non-believers. This certainly lays a foundation for the new world order/one world government to impose its destruction more easily. Those holding to the evil “natural selection” belief will be more than willing to see themselves as “naturally selected” as more elite, more powerful, and therefore more deserving to overtake and pilfer the wordly goods of the “naturally selected” poor, weaker ones who, after all, deserve to lose what they have. It is a pervasive evil.

      Somewhat off the subject, any guidance to areas of discussion on this site concerning ways in which Christians can prepare materially & spiritually for troubled days ahead will be appreciated. It actually seems to be a natural off-shoot of this topic. Thanks.

      • Hi Hopeful, welcome.

        I have been thinking about preparation as well.

        I do think that we need to be prepared for what is to happen. The pre-tribulationists will have no worries here I imagine.

        My feeling is that if we are dependant on the “system”, then we will find it difficult to cope when it turns against us.

        How dependant are we on credit and automated cash tranfers?

        Access to the basics of life ie food and water will be important. Here I think that the benefits of community living will be apparent.

        God can and will meet our needs in the dark times ahead and even if we were to perish, what a glorious inheritance we will recieve.

        One interesting site which is filled with the most meticulous research is:

        Lots of stuff on here that I would find hard to disagree with.

        God bless,

        • Thanks for the link, Pete. I will check it out. I’ve felt led for quite a while to prepare, as the Lord has repeatedly reminded me of the Girl Scout motto I recited when I was a child: “Be Prepared.” Whether the church is raptured out of here before the tribulation, mid-trib, or whatever God sees fit to do — being prepared for every circumstance is always wise. The Lord has told me to “store up” for days ahead, and perhaps it will be more for those left behind than for me. I don’t know at this time. The Holy Spirit has repeatedly led me to Jeremiah 14 over the past year, in which the “dearth” is the topic; dearth meaning famine. I know the Lord will always provide for us, but we must have faith that He will in order to receive it, so clearly we must build up our faith for days ahead and make sure we are prepared to meet the Lord at all times.

          I’ve also been watching the value of the US dollar closely and trust the Lord to lead me in that regard, perhaps to exchanging my dollars for foreign currency as protection. If the US dollar sinks much more, I will go across the border to Canada and do some exchanging. I live very close to it. I think it’s important for us to entrust all our resources to the Lord for safekeeping but also for Him to use for His purposes. I recently found a program online to purchase gold and silver coins. Anyone interested can post here and provide their contact information if they want to know the source.

          God Bless you and all on the site.

          (P.S. The Biblical meaning of “hope” is “earnest expectation,” not wishing. 🙂

          • We need to prepare our hearts first of all. We need to prepare our hearts to seek the Lord. “The preparations of the heart belong to man” – Proverbs. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it flow the issues of life”. The things you face in the future will be God engineered to deal with the issues in your heart.

            If the government becomes tyrranical, having gold and silver won’t help too much (“riches do not profit in the day of wrath”). The US govt has passed laws before banning the possession of gold. They or any government could do it again. Governments and central banks like the power they have in issuing fiat currency and don’t want competition on this front.

            Owning a small farm might make more sense – because food is the fundamental material need, but again – land can be confiscated, neighbours can report you in, terrible things can happen. Our trust will need to be in the LORD in the final days. We currently own a small 9 acre farm in Australia where we live, but we are not cultivating it yet.

            I don’t think absolute tyrrany is going to take over in the next few years. But after 10 or 15 years, its another story entirely.

            On the natural level, its good if you can to spend less on luxury, pay down debt, get income producing assets if you can, and get into industries which prosper in tough times – like liquidation businesses, food.

            There are still some good information based businesses out there.

            But please, for God’s sake, use the next decade to boldly evangelize, and don’t major on saving your own skin.

    • Shanon says:

      Michael – I am a licensed personal banker. I have only been licensed for a year and this one has not been real good especially the last 6 mos. I love my job because I have opportunity to help so many people. But, it is scary to have someones financial future in your hands. My FA is an awesome caring man that is on the same page as far as caring about the people and wanting to do what is best for them. But he is 28 yrs old and was previous PB and only been an FA for 2yrs. I’m afraid to trust his opinions about the future too much. My bank (top 3 mind you) has made many cuts recently. We are really tightening our belts preparing for “depression” I would have thought we were already half way through one. (Of course hidn sight is 20/20 on that) But, look at April – we’ve done pretty darn good. What are you opinions on the short term future? (I’m not sure what site I’m on as I followed a link off a posting on Christian Mingle to get here) My reg email is Thanks Shanon

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