Earnest prayer requested for my family

My family has been attacked by the devil for a little over 5 years now … Seems a never ending battle, and I believe it is while we are alive on this earth. I suppose the main thing that has just about devastated me, is that my own child has become a satanist … something I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined possible. There are people from all over the United States praying for my boy, and I know the Lord is able to handle the situation – I’ve tried as Mama, but it does absolutely no good – naturally.

I realize that being a preacher’s kid is one of the toughest upbringings anyone could imagine – so I know that was hard on our son. (I was raised in a preacher’s home, too.) He met the Lord at a very young age, had many doubts about his salvation for many years (something I did when I was young, too) … When he got the doubts settled, he really grew as a Christian. In fact, he was called to preach as a teenager .. it was a real calling – I heard him preach several times and the Lord had ahold of him.

Long story made short, he met a woman and just ‘knew’ she was the one for him. I tried my best to keep him from making a big mistake, but kids will be kids – and he didn’t listen. He became husband number 4 for her. They have been married for 5 years now, and I’ve watched my boy’s life just go down the drain since that time. The last time I tried to get him to come home, he began the journey but turned around and returned to her. When he did that, he began looking into the satanic bible – from then on he was a completely different person. He had always been such a soft hearted young man – he has become harder and not so easy to be touched emotionally.

My Mama’s heart has been totally crushed by what has happened to him. Amazingly, he is how I found this site … he was making fun of it on his facebook profile … I truly would appreciate the prayers of Christians for my boy.

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