Ear infections, cholesteatoma, ruptured ear drum, the whole nine…

Okay, to be honest, I’m not too worried about it, but I feel that God can and wants to take care of it. However, I can be pretty stingy when it comes to this kind of stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, I’ve had problems in my right ear for as long as I can remember. I’ve had surgery after surgery, and had tubes put in multiple times. In 2007, while I was in Stateville CC I had to get a medical check up, and the nurse saw what she recognized as cholesteatoma. She said that when I was to get out that I would need to get it treated before it got to the point where it would spread and I would have to get a big surgery done on it. Well, I’ve not had insurance since I got out and so I’ve been unable to go to any doctor, let alone an ear/eye specialist. I’ve been having ear infections, or at least discharges, for the past 4 or 5 months now and with being at camp and swimming in the pond, its gotten worse. Currently, I’m still without a way to get medical attention, nor the money to go anywhere even if I did.

I have and do take this to God constantly, and I just can’t seem to believe, I guess, that He will heal it permanently, and immediately as He has done and still does even now. It’s kind of complicated, but let’s just say head knowledge and actually believing it to the point of it happening is not a strong point with me in this area. So I’ve given you guys a lot to pray for.

As for the update on camp life…I’m currently on a “vacation” at a lakehouse with the other staff. A guest group rented out the entire camp for a few days and so we don’t have campers this week. It’s really nice and definitely relaxing. We’ve had plenty of great fellowship and tomorrow we are going into Peoria (about an hour from here) to a Wildlife Park for a while. Next week is our last week before it all comes to an end. We’ll have two days with 7-8 year old boys and then three days with girls. After that week I’ll have more of a chance to share with you all everything that has been going on and at that point, what will be next.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Good night!!

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    “Father, we pray for Jesse’ ears that you would heal them and grant total restoration in Jesus’ name. We thank you for the healing that comes through Jesus Christ, by whose stripes we are healed, amen.. I say “amen” to Mel’s prayer as well!”

    Jesse, thanks for the update! Glad you are having a blast and being a blessing!

  2. MelodyCat says:


    I too have my own on going illnesses that I am continuinally having to place before our Loed for healing and for being sustained when I have to suffer through them.

    Your ear problems I understand would cause many side effects that make everyday living hard. Fevers, headaches or just ear pain, hard of hearing, even some vertigo or nausea. It’s hard to function through all this.

    Dear Lord I hold up Jesse’s ear problems and other health concerns before you. Heavenly Father I cut off all attacks on Jesse’s body from the evil one in Jesus Name. Lord praying you will expose the root cause of these problems to Jesse and provide those who can pray with Jesse and enable full healing and deliverance from this ear problems. Praying for your full provision for Jesse to be healed and if required medically treated. Asking for all this in Jesus Name, remembering Lord that by His stripes we are healed. amen

    I so understand how frustrated you must be over this. Praying the Lord will enable you to keep trusting in Him as you wait for your healing.


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