Each day is a Day in the Lord, But concidering the season, Enjoy

By: Annette J Muth

It’s not about presents, ribbons & strings,
not about toys nor the songs that we sing.
 . No tree can give meaning, nor star on top sit;
no paper wrapping, ribbons nor Christmas lights lit.
 . You don’t need a fat man who says “Ho Ho Ho,”
nor is it about how white is the snow.  
Forget about trinkets, or that special toy;
No it’s not about the faces of young girls and boys.
 . Let go of the stockings, fruitcakes and candles;
You can even get rid of fancy dresses and sandles.
 It’s all about Heaven and all about Love;
 about a babe in a manger, a gift from above.
 Don’t think about tradition or looking behind,
 But it is about Immanuel, “God with us;”
the Greatest Gift to mankind.
So next time you worry; think your poor and
feel like life stinks,  
Just remember, “He’s with us”,
Your richer than you think.                    
Merry Christmas!!!

What do YOU think?



  1. Holyroller_11 says:

    The saints of God recieved their Christmas present already, Instead of a bright red bow,he shed his red blood,the ribbons he had were made of thorns,the container that held our present in place was three rusted nails,which held our gift on an old rugged cross,the present is for all who will accept it,and treat it with care. No grave could hold him,I am so thankful for my Christmas gift.Merry Christmas

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