dreams please help

yello ,
i have had this same recurring dream and would like to find out the meaning . if you have insight in dreams please help.
i have dreamt buying second hand clothes in an open market – some dreams are so clear that i even remmeber the fashions and designs and colour of those clothes . 2 days back i had the same dream ,buying coats and i loved the black and white one- i remember the details of the clothes .once i was in a supermarket and loonking out for new clothes .
some please help ,i dont simply want to take this for granted ,since i have tried to ignore it but still comes back in my dreams .
thanks will be glad to get a response.

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  1. childofjesus says:

    I agree to what Captainmathew says..I say ‘Amen’ to what he suggest..for the Bible says that in Acts 2:17 “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

  2. Captainmathew says:

    Hi dear sister!
    You are troubled of the choices around you of the spiritual offers from different persons in the name of “child of God” or “true faith” or “Heavenly truth”, but what ever you so far found are only “second hand” although they look pretty good in your calculations.
    Kneel down alone before the presence of Jesus and pray to reveal the true love of God and definitely He will reveal the true way for you.
    God Bless

  3. C.o.J,

    Maybe this part isn’t important, but how did you know this wasnt a spiritual dream and of the of the flesh? Was it spiritual discernment or just mental reason. Just wondering your thought on that since its not mentioned in your post.

    Please read about my dream and if you can tell me whats going on I would be so happy.

    There was an earlier time I dreamed of, but with that I was confused about where to go and I remember I was looking for something in the center in a building, looking for the exact middle, but it,was impossible to know it. I knew that’s where I would find the answer but I was ao unsure I woke up.

    Does that make sense?

    God bless you,

    • childofjesus says:

      Dear DFS,
      Let me first tell you that i’m not the interpreter of dreams. In my post I’ve used the word “I guess”. What made me reply to the post is my own experiences with dreams. Some were spiritual and others were a reflection of what was happening in my life during that time. Below are few dreams of mine. You have to be patient with me.
      1) In 2002, I lost my youngest brother and the LORD was kind enough to tell me through a dream where He has kept him. I’ve posted this testimony in detail.
      2) One of my friend was organising a 3 days prayer meeting for our village people. She had invited pastors and speakers to share the gospel and testify. I was not in a position to join her but I decided to be a part of the team by fasting and praying for the entire program so that many souls may be saved. While I was praying for my people, the LORD showed me a dream. I saw a huge screen, showing faces one by one and saying all these people are turning away from Me.WHO will save them? I wanted to say like prophet Isaiah “Send me O Lord”, but before I could speak, the dream vanished.
      3) My son who was 3 years old then, was suffering from loose motion and high fever, even after strong medication he was not getting better. I decided to fast & pray. During that time I saw a dream. A cow with a sharp horn was trying to harm my son, I called out JESUS’s name and it could’nt harm him.
      4) I got a dream in which a lady was hurling evil spells on me but I casted her out in JESUS’s NAME.
      Now let me tell some other kinds of dreams.
      5)When I was doing my Engineering, I wrote an exam for a subject called “Networks” in which lot of opening and shorting of circuit is done. After my exam, even in my sleep I was solving those questions, my mind was not resting and I had to pray for sound sleep.
      6) Once I found myself in a dark space. The only way I could follow were the white lines. I was confused as to which lines I should follow? When I reasoned my dream, I realised that it was a package called ‘AUTOCAD’ which I was learning during that time. We make drawings using white lines on black background.
      7) When I was a kid, I had dream of a snake which grew very tall and tried to hit me but could’nt. As a child I was very afraid, but When I grew up I reasoned that dream. A day before I had this dream, a man had carried a big snake in a round basket and took it from place to place so that people may worship it and give some alms to him.The image of snake was so fearful that it reflected in my dream.
      8 Recently I got a dream wherein I was watering flower plants and asking the Head of that place to let me go home as I worried about my son. When I reasoned this dream, I found those plants are the same ones which are in my son’s book, and since I had a new maid to take care of him, I always worried about his care.
      With all these experiences, I can only say that our GOD is not a god of CONFUSION but a GOD OF REVELATION!!!.
      Thank you for taking time out to read.May the Almighty bless you.

  4. childofjesus says:

    Hi Malaika!!

    I guess these dreams has nothing to do with spiritual dreams. They are just the desires of your mind, which your subconcious mind reminds you even when your body relaxes.I guess you enjoy shopping (nothing wrong in it) and so you shop even in your dreams. If these shopping gives you joy then need not worry, but if you feel that because of these dreams you are not getting sound sleep, then pray for it. JESUS will get you rid of these dreams..

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