Dreaming of God

I was receiving lots of information over the internet about God and being a better Christian. I was laid in bed one night, thinking about going to Church the next day and I started to pray, I said to God ‘Please God I feel that with all this knowledge and information that I have gained from the internet that it would be a good idea to start a web site. I feel like this is my mission but I do not want to ‘move’ without your instruction. I do not like asking for a sign but God if it is Your will for me to produce this web site could You please give me a sign tomorrow at Church. Is this to be ‘my mission’ God? This feels like the final piece in the jigsaw, just like Martin Luther King said I have a dream, thank you God, Amen’.
The next day at Church the Minister got up to speak after a few songs of praise and he said today’s speech is about ‘your mission from God, What is your mission from God?’ Then later in the sermon he said ‘you need to see the full picture just like a jigsaw you cannot see the full picture until you have put all the pieces together’. Then a little later he said just like Martin Luther King said you need to have a dream’ and then he proceeded to read out the full speech from Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’. As you can image I was gob smacked, God had given me 3 signs and not just one: MISSION, JIGSAW, I HAVE A DREAM. I wasn’t even listening anymore the thoughts in my head were whirling around at great speed. After the sermon I went up to the Minister and complemented him on how strong God was working through him and that God has answered all my questions through his speech. I went home and began work on a web site called www.DreamingofGod.co – to see more of my testimonies please visit my site – also this site has been designed to help Christians hear God’s voice. All glory goes to Jesus Christ.

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