Dream (Truth)

I don’t usually write anything about what God says to me in dreams but here i go i’m facing one of my fears.
The dream went like this:
There was three persons in the dream one woman and two men they were discussing history and what was thought about it. Everything they said showed on the television that was next to them. What stood out was that they were talking about world war 2 the most but there account of events and opinions where different according to the information they had received or what information they had been exposed.
For example one man said he watched world 2 on television and expressed strongly that television never lies, the woman said what the television showed is not correct for she has letters from men who were at war and what she read doesn’t add up to what was shown on television. She started to cry and said the truth wasn’t told and these letters tell the truth. The other man said both of you are wrong for any man can write what he wants to write and television tells a lot of lies.
He said he saw the real documentation and he knows the truth about everything at this point i became apart of the dream as i was only watching it as someone one watching a television. I said to the man who speaking last how can you say that both are wrong when what you watch was also shown on television.

After i said that the dream paused as if it was a video. A voice started to speak to me and knew it was the Lord here is what he said to me:

People are not very truthful with each other they really tell each other the whole truth. He said truth can’t represent it self at this time, i realized at once that truth was not just words or account of actions, truth is a person a being truth will come and defend itself as God as the lord cleared revealed to me in the dream. The Lord started to speak to me again he said truth will come and defend itself truth will put all lies to the test an show them to be lies. I started to wake up as fare for some reason started to grip me, fear of the Lord. Between sleep an wake the final words i heard the Lord Jesus say i’m truth i will defend myself, i will speak for my self and persons will know that i’m truth and i will reveal all truths.

At this point i truly realized it makes no sense i lying for you will have to face the Lord himself for every dishonest thing you do as he is truth, he represents truth, he always tells the truth. For he is truth and it is said in the word of God by him (I’m not a man that i should lie), he let us know from the start he is the truth.

You are what you do people may not agree with this but read the judgments of God he said, for the Liar, the Fornicator and the adulterer i could go on but i will stop there. It is clear many times in the bible these people who constantly and willfully commit these acts and don’t repent should not take part or enter into the Kingdom of God.

I judge no one for i know no ones heart and can not account for no ones actions but my own, with a humble heart and out of obedience i write what the Lord told me. So i respectfully say if anyone is offended by this i’m OK (100%) by it.

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