Dream of the false Chrurch

I was outside the church door sitting at a picnic table with friends. We were laughing and joking. I felt close to them and felt free. I could hear in the distance thunder but I just ignored it since it seemed far away. Suddenly a thunderbolt cracked close by. We jumped up and someone suggested we go into the church to be safe. I turned the chrome handle of the brown steel doors and walked inside. An old woman in a wheelchair sat before me. She dressed in an old Victorian dress with a high collar, something the Queen of England would wear from the 1600s. It was black, like something one would wear at a funeral. Her eyes were black and vacant. The hair started to stand up on the back of my neck. I knew she was dead and somehow she could still move her limbs. Everything in me wanted to run as fast as I could out that door. She had several people standing around her in a circle. Men, in finely dressed suits attended her. Some were on their knees worshipping her. Proud and arrogant men served her and placed things she asked for in her hands. These men are the elite people that service this dead woman. I became sick to my stomach, realizing this was a demon of great power, which had occupied a dead body and was pretending to be real.
It was clear in this dream that this woman was the false church. The church today is nothing but an empty shell of what Jesus had built in the beginning.
A great delusion had fallen on Gods people and they seemed worse than the non-Christians did. I began to pray and ask God about the false church. Little by little, he revealed more and more to me. I was on a quest to discover the truth. Although he gave me so much information, it could fill another book. He also gave me a nutshell version that was easy to understand.
The true church is only ever a people. It is never a building, an institution a denomination or even a doctrine. All of those other things were the false church.

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