Dream in May 2012

I had a dream just before I awoke one morning a few days ago. There was a group of people who were officiating a marriage between a moslem man, who looked very Arabic and a European-looking woman in a red dress. The woman looked sad, confused and as though she was being bullied somehow into the marriage. She was too timid to say anything and stood there obediently but did not move toward the man. The man signed the marriage papers and then he got up and turned to the officials and said, “It is no good-I can’t get her to even stand near me!” Then I awoke.

I feel like the Lord is saying that which many of us knew already, viz: the Globalists will try and marry Islam with Christianity. I felt like the woman represents apostate Christianity (clothed in scarlet, means she is still in her sins. “Though your sins be as scarlet..” Isaiah.) The true Christians would not be standing there watching and timid and half-willing (as she appeared to be) to go through with such an unholy marriage, they would not be there at all.
But that which goes on behind the scenes, God often prepares his people by sharing with them.
Watch out for rhetoric in churches and the media that say things like, “Christianity has more in common with Islam, than they realise..” or “Christians and Moslems need to put aside their differences and look for what they may have in common, for the greater good, and for the sake of peace and an end to violence,” etc. There can never be an agreement with a religion that denies the deity of Jesus and the resurrection, and the atonement.

Interestingly, I saw on a debate on BBC TV this morning, a Jew, Imam, and Christian leader, all discussing ways that they can live in peace together, to bring an end to violence and persecution (particularly in the middle east, but globally as well.) “When they say Peace, Peace! then comes sudden destruction,” the Word says.

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