Dream has left me uncertain

I hope this is the correct forum for my story.
I’ve been troubled by a dream/s I had almost a year ago, when I first became a Christian.
In my dream Jesus appeared to me…I had passed over and was in what I thought was some kind of holding room, I wasn’t alone, there were many other people kneeling with me, none of us could speak, I’m not sure if it was because we couldn’t speak or we wouldn’t out of respect. Anyway, Jesus appeared in a room to my left, he was being robed or dressed by men in white robes (who I gathered were saints), as he was being robed a fog or mist appeared over what I considered the doorway. I felt it was the beginning of the Rapture.
He reappeared wearing a beautiful emerald colored robe, since I couldn’t speak with him, I was pleading with my eyes (sounds weird I know), I was pleading that he tell me what was going to happen to me….he said “You are like a tree that bears no fruit, and where I am going you can not go”… with that he disappeared through this haze, fog, whatever. I woke in despair, I’d hardly read the Bible, but I knew exactly what he meant by what he said and that was that ‘nothing good comes from me, and I was not going to join him in Heaven, I was going to Hell’ … I had a similar dream a few months later but I can’t recall the events.
Why I guess I’m writing this is I need some kind of confirmation, was that Jesus that appeared to me? or was it a demon trying to fool me into believing that even though I’ve accepted Jesus, I’m still going to Hell because nothing about me is good? … I’m so confused.
You see I’ve always suffered low self-esteem, never believed I was any good, and it’s so true that I have done nothing with my life.

Another thing, I used to have terrible dreams, a couple before giving my life to Christ, demons would terrify me with their ugly faces and both times a voice appeared telling me to say these words “In the name of Jesus Christ, be gone!” the 1st time it worked immediately, the demons fled my dream, the 2nd time they took a little longer, laughing at me while eventually fading away.

Sorry if this is long but I would really love to have some input on what my dream was all about? do I have anything to worry about?

Thank you to all who reply.

God Bless

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