Dream has left me uncertain

I hope this is the correct forum for my story.
I’ve been troubled by a dream/s I had almost a year ago, when I first became a Christian.
In my dream Jesus appeared to me…I had passed over and was in what I thought was some kind of holding room, I wasn’t alone, there were many other people kneeling with me, none of us could speak, I’m not sure if it was because we couldn’t speak or we wouldn’t out of respect. Anyway, Jesus appeared in a room to my left, he was being robed or dressed by men in white robes (who I gathered were saints), as he was being robed a fog or mist appeared over what I considered the doorway. I felt it was the beginning of the Rapture.
He reappeared wearing a beautiful emerald colored robe, since I couldn’t speak with him, I was pleading with my eyes (sounds weird I know), I was pleading that he tell me what was going to happen to me….he said “You are like a tree that bears no fruit, and where I am going you can not go”… with that he disappeared through this haze, fog, whatever. I woke in despair, I’d hardly read the Bible, but I knew exactly what he meant by what he said and that was that ‘nothing good comes from me, and I was not going to join him in Heaven, I was going to Hell’ … I had a similar dream a few months later but I can’t recall the events.
Why I guess I’m writing this is I need some kind of confirmation, was that Jesus that appeared to me? or was it a demon trying to fool me into believing that even though I’ve accepted Jesus, I’m still going to Hell because nothing about me is good? … I’m so confused.
You see I’ve always suffered low self-esteem, never believed I was any good, and it’s so true that I have done nothing with my life.

Another thing, I used to have terrible dreams, a couple before giving my life to Christ, demons would terrify me with their ugly faces and both times a voice appeared telling me to say these words “In the name of Jesus Christ, be gone!” the 1st time it worked immediately, the demons fled my dream, the 2nd time they took a little longer, laughing at me while eventually fading away.

Sorry if this is long but I would really love to have some input on what my dream was all about? do I have anything to worry about?

Thank you to all who reply.

God Bless

What do YOU think?



  1. newlight says:

    I would not give up on jesus at all, I have only just accepted jesus myself if I hadn’t their would have been no chance I was definately hell bound, feel free to read my other posts. I had a very weird dream myself not long ago which i have no idea of the meaning. But i personally think my dream was altered by demons as the final result was me furiously clawing my face and if my partner hadn’t fully woken me I would have done alot more damage probably to my eyes. In my dream I was meant to be a soldier of god and my task was to kill vampires, very strange i know, as one of the 10 commandments is: Thou shalt not kill/murder. Infact this is the only commandment I have not broken, my past was very wicked and I am actively trying to save my soul from the grips of satan. For more information please read my post: In a seemingly hopeless situation, please help. In deliverance and spiritual warfare category.

  2. I want to make sure that I believe that we can be assured of our salvation but I also believe that salvation can be lost.

    John 15:1-6 – We must bear fruit or be cast off.

    Disciples are described as branches “in Christ” (v2,5, etc.) who have been cleansed by His word (v3).

    But if they don’t bear fruit and abide in Christ (v2,4-6), they will be taken away (v2), cast into the fire and burned (v6). (Abiding in Jesus and bearing fruit requires obedience – I John 3:6,24; John 15:10; Gal. 5:19ff; etc.)

    Romans 8:12-17 – We must live according to the Spirit, not the flesh.
    This is addressed to children of God (v16).
    We are warned not to live according to the deeds of the flesh but be led by the Spirit. If we live according to the flesh, we will die (v13). This cannot be physical death since we all die physically regardless of how we live. This death is the opposite of the life we receive if we follow the Spirit.
    To be heirs of Christ, we must be led of the Spirit (v14) and suffer with Christ (v17). It is conditional and depends on our life.

    Galatians 6:7-9 – We must sow to the Spirit, not the flesh.
    This is addressed to members of the church (1:2), sons of God by faith (3:26). [Cf. 4:6]
    We will reap as we sow. If we sow to the spirit (i.e., if we produce the fruit of the Spirit – 5:22-25), we will reap eternal life (v8). If we sow to the flesh (do the works of the flesh – 5:19-21), we reap corruption (6:8), which is the opposite of eternal life. In this case, we cannot inherit the kingdom of God (5:21).
    We reap eternal life if we don’t grow weary in doing good (v9). Note: “Be not deceived.” Yet “once saved, always saved” is a doctrine that deceives many into thinking they will still reap eternal life even if they sow to the flesh.

    1 Corinthians 9:27 & 10:12 – We must control our bodies and avoid sinning like Israel did.

    9:25-27 – Paul, who was an apostle and therefore a child of God, was striving to gain the imperishable crown (v25). He had to discipline his body and bring it into subjection lest he himself be disqualified (NKJV; “a castaway” – KJV; “rejected” – ASV). (KJV elsewhere translates this word “reprobate” – 2 Cor. 13:5; Rom. 1:28; 2 Tim. 3:8; Tit. 1:16).
    10:1-12 – Israel is an example showing us the importance of avoiding sin. The people to whom this warning applies (“we,” “us”) include the church, sanctified saints (1:2; cf. 1:9), and the apostle Paul.

    This is an example and admonition to us (v6,11). We should not lust after evil (v6), commit idolatry (v7), commit fornication (v8), etc. One who thinks he stands, must take heed lest he fall (v12). In context, this means he will not receive the crown Paul described (9:25-27). 6:9,10 show that people guilty of these sins won’t receive the kingdom of God.

    Note that a person who believes in “once saved, always saved” thinks he cannot fall. This passage is addressed to just such people and shows that they are the ones in the very greatest danger that they will fall!

    Hebrews 3:6,11-14; 4:9,11 – We must avoid rebelling like Israel.

    This is addressed to “holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling” (v1).
    Israel failed to enter God’s rest because they lacked faith and obedience. We too must guard lest we have an evil heart of unbelief, departing from God (v12), and become hardened through the deceitfulness of sin (v13).
    To partake with Christ, we must hold fast our confidence (faith) firm to the end (3:6,14). If we do so depart, we will not enter the rest God has for us (4:9,11). Note that receiving the eternal reward is conditional on continued faithfulness.

    Hebrews 10:26-31,39 – We must avoid willful sin.

    This is speaking to those who know the truth (v26) and have been sanctified by the blood (v29). It is discussing the Lord’s judgment on “His people” (v30).
    We are warned not to sin willfully (v26). As long as we go on sinning willfully (NASB – v26), there is no sacrifice for sin. (This is not discussing what will happen if such people repent and change but what our condition is as long as this conduct continues.)

    Such people are trodding underfoot God’s Son (v29), doing despite to the Spirit of grace, counting the blood by which we were sanctified unholy (v29). Their only future is fierceness of fire (v27), sorer punishment than physical death under the law (v28f), vengeance from God (v30).
    This is why we must not shrink back to perdition (v39).

    2 Peter 1:8-11; 2:20-22 – We must grow in Christ instead of returning to the world.

    1:8-11 – This is spoken to those who have obtained like precious faith (v1), escaped the corruption of the world (v4), and been purged from old sins (v9).
    We must add to our lives the qualities listed (v5-7). If we do, we make our calling and election sure so we don’t stumble (v10), but we receive the abundant entrance to the everlasting kingdom (v11). Note there is security for the believer, but it is conditional on growing and adding these qualities.
    2:20-22 – This is still talking to people who have escaped the pollution of the world (v20), knowing the way of righteousness (v21). [cf. v1,15]

    We are warned not to become entangled again in the world (v20), turning from the holy command (v21). If we do, we are worse off than we were before we knew the truth (v20). We are like a dog returning to vomit or a sow returning to mire (v22). [cf., v1,3]

    But if “once saved, always saved,” then this dog is much better off after returning to the vomit than he was before.

    Romans 6:12-18 – We must not let sin reign in our bodies.
    These were baptized into Christ (v3,4), set free from sin, and become servants of righteousness (v18).

    They are warned not to let sin reign in their bodies nor present their members as instruments of sin (v12,13). The result of that would be death (v16). This must be spiritual again, since all die physically. The wages of sin, even for those here addressed, is death, in contrast to eternal life (v23).
    Hebrews 6:4-8 – We must avoid falling away.

    This is addressed to those once enlightened, who tasted the heavenly gift and the good word of God and were partakers of the Holy Spirit (v4,5).
    We are warned not to fall away (v6). If they continue in this pattern of life (implied), they cannot be restored. They are crucifying Jesus afresh and putting Him to an open shame (v6). Their destiny is to be burned like a field of thorns (v8).

    Revelation 3:5; Exodus 32:30-33 – We must avoid having our names removed from the Book of Life.

    Those whose names are in the book of Life will enter the eternal city, but those not in it are cast into the lake of fire (Rev. 21:27; 20:12-15). But people whose names are in the book, may be removed because of sin (Ex. 32:30-33). Those guilty of sin CANNOT enter the city (Rev. 21:27). But those who overcome will not be blotted out of the book (Rev. 3:5). [Cf. Rev. 22:18,19]

    Why would God continually warn of the danger of sin and being lost if it cannot happen? Do human parents warn their children to be careful how they flap their wings lest they fly too high and crash into the moon? God is not the author of confusion (I Cor. 14:33). Why waste time warning us about dangers that cannot happen anyway?

    (I copied most of the above)

    May God’s will be done in your life sister..

    • sunnstorms says:

      We have the HOPE of salvation, not the assurance. That’s why Paul said we are to “work out your own salvation with trembling and fear.”

      But the bottom line is, no matter the outcome, we are to give God the praise, glory, and adoration He deserves. If we screw up our salvation, it’s our fault, not His.

  3. I’m not laughing at you ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had a similar dream many years ago. I found myself in a room with many people. Everyone hushed, and began crowding around something or someone, and I was curious, so I went to see. Jesus was standing in the middle of everyone, and I thought (just like the woman who had an issue of blood for many years) “If only I can touch His robe!”. When I reached out, He turned to me, and the look in His eyes was AWFUL! Such disappointment and sadness! I knew I didn’t belong there, so I left.

    That dream haunted me for years! I kept trying to figure out why…but now I know ๐Ÿ™‚
    It doesn’t matter what Jesus decides for me in that day because, just as Job said “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:” Job 13:15

    Our goal in life should be to love Him. To trust Him, regardless of the situation at hand. To accept that His judgement is righteous. Jesus made us a promise, and He NEVER goes back on His word! So when you are in a place in your life where you think it’s hopless, trust Him. Love Him.

    I was in such a place about 21 years ago. My (ex)husband just told me he had slept with a 17 year old girl. You can imagine my pain and shock. All I could think was “You have to get to church!!”. At the time, I wasn’t so sure why it was so urgent, but it was a DRIVING force. I was a bit late getting there, so had to sit in the back. No one was near me…the closest was 2 women 2 rows ahead of me, and an empty aisle behind me.
    In my church, we raised our hands and praised God in our worship service, but that day, it just wasn’t in me. I just-couldn’t-do-it. My arms felt like lead, and my heart was in a mix between being dead and full of pain. Then I began to feel even worse, because I knew that, no matter what I was going through in my life, God DESERVED to be praised. And I couldn’t do it. So I cried, and cried harder, and asked God “How am I supposed to do this??” Then I felt the breath of a whisper on my right ear, and heard the words “My grace is sufficient”. Such a soft, warm, and gentle voice! It shocked me, and I spun around to see who had said that…no one was there. Then i realized Who it had been! I turned back around, and tried to figure out what He had said. Such a simple phrase, and yet I didn’t know what He meant. I thought He could have said “I’ll squash him like a bug for you” or something like that lol What did His grace have to do with this situation? Then, I felt His touch. He began to push up on the backs of my elbows…my arms were raising up! When I couldn’t have raised a finger seconds before, now my arms were being raised! Then I knew…His grace IS sufficient…when we can’t do it ourselves, He will do it for us. Lemme tell you, I began praising and laughing and worshipping and felt such an incredible JOY, when I had been dead in pain seconds before.

    Embrace your dream, and make Job’s words your own. When you think of that dream, smile and tell Jesus you will spend your life serving Him…His grace is sufficient ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. lookinforacity says:

    Dear Lab71

    When you first became a Christian, what kind of fruit could you be expected to have?
    You have been a Christian for a year now, has any fruit grown yet?
    The fruit expected to grow in your life, would be the Fruit of the Spirit.
    This fruit is the sign to yourself and others that the Holy Spirit is working in your life, changing you to His image.

    Rom 8:29
    For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.
    Eph 5:9
    (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)
    Gal 5:22
    22) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    23) Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
    24) And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.
    25) If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

    My answer to your question would be (A Demon) you were a new Christian, and this was a last ditch effort to keep you where you had been. This was a lie designed to CONDEM YOU.
    Rom 8:1
    There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
    If you fell for and believed the condemnation, then you would become an ineffective Christian.
    But scripture says differently, this should be your confession.
    Eph 2:8
    For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    Joh 14:6
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    Php 1:6
    Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

    So understanding that, God chose you, then gave you the gift of salvation, there wasn’t anything you did to earn, or deserve it, your salvation was all Gods’ plan for you.
    You could not come to God without Jesus, he died for you to have that chance.
    Knowing that God chose you to become one of His children, then understanding that Jesus died to accomplish everything necessary for you to become Gods’ child, is he now going to give up on you? NO.

    Don’t believe the lie spoken in a dream, move on with your life in Christ, draw as close as you can get to God, read, read, read.
    The more you seek, the more you will find,
    the more you ask, the more you will be given unto you,
    the more you knock the more will be opened unto you.
    All of the things you should seek, ask, and knock for are.
    Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.
    When you hunger for these things, you are then loving God with your whole Mind Body and Soul. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    Hope this will stop any doubts you have, be Blessed God loves you:>)


    • Thank you all for your replies … I feel a lot better having read your comment…it’s true what you said re: the fruit, being a new Christian I would’t be expected to have grown much. Thank you for opening my eyes to that. I read the Bible daily and the Holy Spirit has changed my ways, I’m not giving up on Jesus…presently I’m taking a Gospel class at my local Church, that deals with witnessing to others.
      I guess it was a demon/devil whatever that was attempting to cast doubts about my salvation.
      Anyway, I feel better now and thank you for the verses, I appreciate them.

      God Bless

  5. I just want to add another comment…

    When it comes to dreams words and visions? Many Christians; although well intentioned, like to play pseudo psychologist. Dreams are both a natural process of REM sleep… Our mind’s way of organizing our brains memories and experiences.

    They are also one of many way’s that God communicates to us or through us. You’ll know the difference. You know when it’s God speaking – He’s Clear and doesn’t leave you confused..

    Most of all…

    Jesus Loves You and the Godhead is absolutely committed to bringing you to a Restored and Loving Relationship…. God Called YOU First! Don’t take it lightly. But He’s not going to fight you, if you don’t want to follow Him, Well… It’s your choice.

    The fact that Jesus is warning you and that your experience these things is showing you that your Loved and Cherished.

    Hope this helps..

  6. I’m not a big one on over-evaluating dreams, They are indeed a method that the Lord uses to make His message clear to the individual.

    Speaking for myself… I have had many dreams since as far back as I can remember that have really come into clarity years after I dreamed them. I’ve learned not to play “dream-weaver” and attempt to over analysis but take them at the level and clarity they come to me. So this is where my comment comes from….

    To the Demonic Dreams… That’s one of the Spiritual battles you will face. The Spirit is teaching what warfare is (calling on Christ). Read the book of Ephesians and that will open up a lot of clarity to that arena.

    “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6)”

    As for the “Rapture” dream… I’d take that just like you said… As a warning… Christ is calling you to “Step it Up” Take this Walk Seriously… so to speak.

    If you read the letters of the 7 churches you will see that each church is being addressed regarding their works – not intentions.. Not showing works is showing Jesus that your not walking in “Faith” (to be cont)

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