Dr Michael Brown talks about the Jewish nature of the Early Church

Dr Michael L. Brown talks about how Christians have picked up a few mistaken concepts concerning the Church and what God was establishing with the coming of the Messiah. He talks in this video about many issues relating to the Jewish people. You can skip the first few minutes of the video to get to the substance.

There are Messianic believers who go to extremes and teach error regarding certain aspects of the Law and the names of God. However, Dr Brown, being himself a Jew, is happily very sound and brings a balanced perspective on certain things.

He especially addresses how names and terminology carry a lot of baggage. For example, our English word “church” is loaded with a number of unbiblical concepts – like for example, a “religious building”. He talks about how the Book of James really should have been called the book of Jacob. I know it is “Iacov” in Romanian – which is much closer to both the Greek and the Hebrew translations.

We need to recognise that the Jewish people and there history and context is very important for the coming of Jesus, for it to all make sense.

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