Dr David Uwuor prophesied Chile Earthquake in Jan 2009

Here are video records of the prophecy of Dr David Uwuor from Kenya warning the church in Chile to REPENT because God is about to shake the nation.

Obviously the call to repent was not significantly heeded because a massive earthquake DID in fact hit Chile in February 2010.

I would say it would be prudent to follow what this man is speaking in the name of the Lord. Apparently he also prophesied the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and other natural catastrophes before they happened.

I just got word from a pastor friend of mine on the Gold Coast that this man of God has prophesied a TSUNAMI to hit  Australia. He called the pastors to repent. Unfortunately, very few pastors even turned up to hear this prophet. Out of about 8000 invitations, 4 pastors came. I am seeking confirmation of this report.

I wouldn’t recommend buying waterfront real estate on the eastern coast of Australia in any case.

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  1. I have done my research on this guy, Any one can warn and perform signs and wonders but are they really a man of God?? This is what the bible does warn. I believe that this guy has been lucky to get the correction of disaster right but I would listen to this guy first. Not alot of views because He is illustrating truth and the whole truth referring to scripture. He doesn’t bash this guy Dr. David but points there are eight parts to his video out some key illustrations. He speaks in love and correction


    Be blessed

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