Doing evangelism, and how?

This seems to have been a bit of a concern for me for a while, and especially today, I’d like to enquire about how one best goes about doing evangelism, but I have a few problems concerning areas in which I might have sinned in this area.

Basically my problem concerns today, at least twice I feel as though I might have had urges to go somewhere and tell someone the gospel, which seems may have happened befre but havealways giiven up and tried to walk out of the situation without talking to anyone as either I’,m not sure what to say or whether these apparent urges are from God. Basically I have been worrying, that if it is from God then I’ve disobeyed or hardened my heart deliberately towards Him, and maybe I’ve prevented someone from gaining salvation. I’ve asked forgiveness, but still have a bit of a niggling doubt as to whether I’m just expecting forgiveness and have no right to it. I hope this doubt is unfounded, if so I should perhaps just trust God and try to make changes in my life in following His calling? (Maybe I’m doing wrong typing *that*, and need to repent of it too?!) I”m not at present worrying much about it (was this morning tho’), not usual for me as despite what Jesus told us to the contrary I still end up being a perennial worrier.

But it’s also set me thinking, about how one goes about doing evangelism and when best to share the gospel with people. Is it right to just, say, strike up conversations with random people and somehow manage to try and tell them the gospel? Or should I get to know people first? And how one might discern a calling to do, or not do, something like this? (I don’t want to end up being too proud of doing it). What role might giving out/using tracts or other Christian literature play? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

What do YOU think?



  1. martydavis says:

    My signature states my simple witnessing method. I learned from a friend that witnesses all of the time what to say. I just continued to call him up and say let’s go out. I had problems at first, but eventually just went ahead and blurted it out, found out it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would and since that time I’ve had no problem, when the opportunity arises, “pulling the trigger”. Now I am a sniper for Christ (one shot – one life) and I love bringing the message of my wonderful saviour to the lost.

    Marty Davis
    Central Illinois

    If you died tonight in your sleep, do you know where you will be spending eternity?

    Has anybody ever taken a bible and showed you how you can know for sure you can go to heaven?

    Can I?

    • michael says:

      Thanks for sharing that Marty. One of the hardest things for many people in witnessing is starting the conversation and getting to the point.

      I think its a lot more loving to get to the point like this than to let people slide by without giving them a chance to hear the gospel.

      God bless you.

      Please share your witnessing experiences on this forum to encourage others.


      • martydavis says:


        All my life I’ve never had a problem starting a conversation or getting into a conversation with someone about any old thing until after I started witnessing. After I relaxed and went back to being the same old conversational me somewhere, as the conversation was winding down, and I realized that we still had time to talk, I “pulled the trigger”. I simply asked “can I ask you a question?” After being in a conversation with someone I was never turned down. They would say “sure – ask away”. At that point I would say what is in my signature. I usually get a “no idea” to my first question. Most of the time I get a “no” to my second question. Again, most of the time I get a “yes” to my third question. At that point I share Jesus, his crucifixion, resurrection and the salvation our Father provides with some scriptures I have highlighted in my pocket testament. I carry a slim-line KJV New Testament with me at all times.

        Marty Davis
        Central Illinois

        If you died tonight in your sleep, do you know where you will be spending eternity?

        Has anybody ever taken a bible and showed you how you can know for sure you are going to heaven?

        Can I?

  2. Ms. Delrae Lynn Adams says:

    Father would you acknowledge this entry in the name of Jesus.

  3. I think you are going to be a very fine preacher.In reading your comment I sense you are speaking from your heart.It don’t get any better than that.Like Jesus says in Matt 10:32&33 Whoever acknowledges me before men I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven 33 but whoever disowns me before men ,I will disown him before my Father in heaven.That’s what drives me to open my mouth to people as scary as it is sometimes

  4. warrior daughter says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring word…I thought it would be another word from someone who had walked the narrow path for years but I was greatly surprized by your ending comment…Thank you again…Our Heavenly Father cares about all people no matter where they come from….I thank Him that He put such a hunger in you and that you sought after to be filled in that void…He is Almighty God (El Shaddai= The God Who Is Enough)….May God bless you richly more and more!!!

  5. thesparrow says:

    My main ministry is on line. I am 76 years old and retired. I have no car. I live in a high rise where a good many people don’t want to hear about God and Jesus. Some say they are Christians and go to church regularly. And do many good deeds. But I don’t know what they believe. One woman thinks because her church has been there 200 years that it automatically takes her to heaven.

    I went there a few times but I never heard the preacher talk about salvation or have an altar call.

    My ministry is writing my testimonies on different sites. I have received many comments on how they helped them.

    The best one I have is a Christian chat room. The regulars are full of love and caring. We may be chatting and joking like anyone would. (Laughter is the best medicine) Someone may come on with either a lot of bitterness or want to cause trouble. Often they are hunting for something but don’t know what.

    We talk to them telling them why we believe. One young lady was really bitter. The Holy Spirit leads me into what to say. I said the right thing then I had to leave. The next time I was on there, someone told me she was in private chat after that and got saved!.

    The younger people (most of them)tell me they could tell the Holy Spirit was in what I say.
    That was a surprise to me. They get quiet when I talk. I couldn’t figure out why. People from all over the world are seeking for Jesus but don’t know it.

    Every morning some of us go in a room for prayer. 7:30 in the evening we have devotionals
    with a chance to comment on it. It most always is a topic we all needed to hear. We openly confess our faults one to another relating to the topic. It frees us immensely. Thursday nights we have a Bible study. We stay in the Bible

    MY life was a big mess until 2001. I was 71 then! So it’s never too late. I will be putting my testimonies on here.

    God bless you. He loves you and so do I

    • michael says:

      You know I think its really great that at 76 you are reaching out to people using the internet! This is a great example for other retired people.

      Whether we like it or not, our culture is tuning more and more to the internet for their ideas and relationships with others. We can quickly build a network of friends and contacts around the world.

      Please keep posting and let us know of some of the highlights of your online ministry.

      God bless,


  6. michael says:

    Hi Ricky,

    There are different ways to share Christ but I would say as you are being stirred up about this, keep a few tracts you like with you, and if you feel prompted, after a short prayer binding the devil, you might say to someone – “Hi, I’d like to give you this to look at – maybe you could tell me what you think”. Some will accept, others might politely reject it. In either case, if you are bold, you can use it as a way to start the conversation, and you will clearly see if the time is opportune to talk. That is a very direct way, and sometimes it is useful.

    Another way is just to meet people casually and show an interest in them and who they are, what they like to talk about. Just be friendly. There may then be ways of turning the conversation to spiritual matters naturally – or, they may simply ask you about yourself and your interests. Then you can bring Christ into it.

    I have written a lot about evangelism on this site. For more details you can go there.

    • warrior daughter says:

      Michael…I like the phrase you used stirred up….I just did a Bible study on these 2 words…Many times in the Word we are admonished to be stirred up..More Christians out there need to be stirred up…When the Bible talks about stirred up it tells me that in the natural it would just lie there unless it was stirred up…God is good…all the time…

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