Doing evangelism, and how?

This seems to have been a bit of a concern for me for a while, and especially today, I’d like to enquire about how one best goes about doing evangelism, but I have a few problems concerning areas in which I might have sinned in this area.

Basically my problem concerns today, at least twice I feel as though I might have had urges to go somewhere and tell someone the gospel, which seems may have happened befre but havealways giiven up and tried to walk out of the situation without talking to anyone as either I’,m not sure what to say or whether these apparent urges are from God. Basically I have been worrying, that if it is from God then I’ve disobeyed or hardened my heart deliberately towards Him, and maybe I’ve prevented someone from gaining salvation. I’ve asked forgiveness, but still have a bit of a niggling doubt as to whether I’m just expecting forgiveness and have no right to it. I hope this doubt is unfounded, if so I should perhaps just trust God and try to make changes in my life in following His calling? (Maybe I’m doing wrong typing *that*, and need to repent of it too?!) I”m not at present worrying much about it (was this morning tho’), not usual for me as despite what Jesus told us to the contrary I still end up being a perennial worrier.

But it’s also set me thinking, about how one goes about doing evangelism and when best to share the gospel with people. Is it right to just, say, strike up conversations with random people and somehow manage to try and tell them the gospel? Or should I get to know people first? And how one might discern a calling to do, or not do, something like this? (I don’t want to end up being too proud of doing it). What role might giving out/using tracts or other Christian literature play? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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