Does Your Ship Have Barnacles?

The most amazing insight was given to me the other day as I was visiting with the Lord. I just can’t get past the scripture that says, “By His stripes we are healed.” It sounds pretty final to me, so what’s the problem? Why aren’t some of us healed?

Here is the insight: God created us from the foundation of the world perfectly. He made a perfect creation when He created you! He even said, “It is good” after creating… So then you get born into a family with issues… generational issues, present issues, and so when you begin to grow up, you have taken on some of this junk. Now that junk, plus your junk has been hindering you from that perfect person God created in you. It’s like a “build up” in your soul and spirit…

I call these “things” barnacles. As with a ship, periodically the barnacles have to be scraped off, but underneath those barnacles is the ship. Some divers have found giant barnacles, only to find inside a rare treasure. But it was in there all along, just as YOU are in there too.

We need to scrape off all our barnacles, then the real you, the one you want to be will imerge.

Many are waiting for God to heal us… well, after getting this insight, I realize that He already did… When He said “it is finished” it is finished. it’s our turn to catch up to what He has already done… and we do that by getting rid of one barnacle at a time! This is called “sanctification.”

Those barnacles are regret, fear, self-pity, anger, jealousy, confusion, generational iniquities, and simply put… sins, and yet God wants to help you one by one emerge from among these things to see the real you. Many are in identity crises, not knowing who they are, what they are supposed to do, and what’s going to happen next. As we continue cooperating with God to get rid of these things, eventually YOU will come through.

So how do we cooperate with God? Through confession, through forgiveness, and by receiving his full pardon, love, forgiveness and relationship. You expose the darkness by the light of the truth, the Word of God, loving and forgiving. The enemy wants none of those things, so he will expose himself when he’s forced to.

But it starts with one barnacle at a time. When we can see it like this, and know that underneath all that stuff is us, our health, our identity, wow… wouldn’t you want to get ahold of the barnacle scraper?

If you have been crying out to God for healing, wondering if He is going to heal you, where is He… well, I believe this article is going to help you immensely. Because He did heal you, His desire is that you are healed, and He has always been there, hearing every word you have spoken. It’s just that you are covered with barnacles!

1 Peter 2:4 Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.

Herein lies the key…. we only read the last part of this scripture, but what about the condition for healing? That we should be dead to sins (barnacles) and live unto righteousness (cleaning off those barnacles with truth, love, forgiveness, and relationship with Him.) If we fall short in any area, don’t get upset with God, take responsibility today for your own junk, simply confess. Restoration is as close as a prayer.

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