Does God approve distant relationships?

Hello. I’m 18 and probably much younger than most of the people here but last year I developed a strong relationship with God thanks to my boyfriend. I’ve dating him for 10 amazing months and he’s taught me many things about God. I always prayed before I met him too, but mostly because I felt like I had to, not because I wanted to. He opened a whole new world for me and I’m very thankful to him. I loved him with all my heart. But one day I had to leave for personal reasons (I didn’t have a choice) and had t leave him behind. He was frustrated because he said he loved me dearly and never had anyone who loved him as much as I did. We dated for almost 3 months while miles away from each other and with no chance to meet. I told him I’d be back but I didn’t know when. After 3 months he was too frustrated and said it was better to move on because he can’t take it anymore since the closest we could get was through a phone call and it was nothing like we used to be when we were together. He said he was doing it not because he didn’t love me anymore but because he loved me so much. It’s been only a couple of weeks without him but I’m very depressed and sick. Still I somehow always feel God comforting me. I pray for my boyfriend all the time but he keeps losing hope. I want to start building even closer relationship with God so it never comes up that I love my boyfriend a lot more than I love God. I don’t know what to do. I want to help him earn his hope back and be together again. I want to love him and take care of him. Please tell me if praying for him is enough or what else shall i do for him? I might be too young but I truly do love him. I hope God understands how much I love him and how much I want to be with him again. Thank you

What do YOU think?



  1. Annette1016 says:

    I have read your post and I do understand how you feel for your Boyfriend! First I will say this, Love is Great! Yet God is Love! You must understand this, thou shalt have no other Gods before Me! This is written in your Heart! I think that you need to put God first, For he is a Jealous God! If you want a relationship that is blessed by God, Then put God First! Then ask if he can move to be close to You? He may just suprise you and come! I do know that people, we are mortal, and we don’t get out of life without dieing first. Yet when you have a relationship that with Jesus, he never leaves or forsakes you. You never know what each day will bring, and. I for one, know what bad can really happen when you don’t seek God First! Plus if you do decide to wed later, God should be a partner in your marriage and he will make you both stronger and able to deal with whatever the world or the devil throws your Way! I hope, you hear my heart. Love, in Christ Jesus, Annette

  2. davidchik says:

    There was a time when my girlfriend worked in London while I worked in Plymouth. It took 4 hours of train to go there. EVERY friday night I took the night train to go to London and then on sunday night I took the train back to Plymouth. It was really tiring and a horrible thing to do.
    Then I asked my girlfriend to quit her job and come with me, but she thought it was not fair to her.
    We prayed.
    Then her mum got final stage cancer. She had no choice but quit her job and looked after her mum.
    Then miraculously her mum recovered. Even the doctors were surprised.
    Then we got married 🙂
    Now she is a housewife. My salary is not high but it is sufficient. We are content with what we have.
    Anyway, just trust God.

  3. Timothy Luke says:

    Hi Camilla, I am so glad to hear that you have a love for God! Trust Him with this relationship. I know you cannot see and know all the details, but He can. If your boyfriend cannot love you because he cannot see you, even though you can talk on the phone, then what on earth is he doing about loving God in heaven, when he doesn't even get a phone call?  Perhaps there is more than meets the eye here. Do not be manipulated by his insistence of being together.  Were you TOO close to him when you were together? *IF* you were, then it explains his position. He would need another outlet for lust, not love. 


    God will bring the right one to you at the right time.  This may be the right guy to marry, or it might not… time will tell.  In the meantime, the love of Jesus is pure and holy, and He has no problem loving you from a distance!


    "Father, please grant Camilla peace and joy in the journey and help her go forward in her life and into the wonderful future you have for her, In Jesus' name, amen."

    • Thank you so much! There’sa long story behind this about him, he’s had his loved ones leave many times before and he’s just worried that I’m never coming back too so he’s securing himself. I understand him. We never had sex even thought we did do other things. I know he has his needs it’s natural, but he loved me not because of physical contact. Unfortunately even I had more lust than him in the beginning, but then I got rid of it through prayers. I believe that if we are meant to be, God will let us be together even if we’ll have to go through a long break. I truly do love him and I know he does to. Thank you so much for supporting me!!

      • Timothy Luke says:

        God bless you! He will see you both through. Trust Him and don't work yourself up any further over 'what can I do?"  Sometimes (many times) less is more.  When we move out of the way, it gives God a chance to take a look under the hood and truly fix things!




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