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The gentleness of Gods most Beautiful Holy Spirit has been dancing in my heart today, For a very very long time I felt nothing but Grief. I never thought that my season of sorrows would end. But From the family of Gods followers here, I have recurved more comfort and more prayers than I had ever dreamed possible. Sometimes when I reserve Bible, I look to see what I could learn from it for my life today. Like when Jesus went with Peter and they told him that he needed to pay to go inside. He tells Peter to go to the lake, cast in his line and when he catches the fish, take the coin out of it’s mouth and bring it to him. I don’t even know if Peter baited the hook or if he used a hook at all. It’s funny when you think of the nerve of those men asking the owner to pay to enter his own building. He owns everything, even the air we are breathing. What was I to learn from the story of the fish with the coin in its mouth? Maybe that God is able to do over and above all that we ask. Look at the faith of Peter just believing what he said and doing it. I think its more to ask for our needs to be loosed and to trust that he will loose them, and to ask for our troubles to be bound and they will be bound. But no matter what the lesson, have Faith that his will for us will be done. I don’t always have the wisest mind, but I think the lesson learned here is all of the above. All I know this day is the Joy I have in Jesus and the trust Thayne Loves me, this simple woman. I pray, if I did miss the meaning, please be so kind as to correct me. Love your sis in Christ Jesus, our King, Annette

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  1. BeReady says:

    where does one go on this site to receive prayer? I could use a prayer right now. I pray much for others (as we all should) but I am in peculiar circumstances where I find I have no church and no friends to whom I may turn for prayer. Most of the time (nearly entirely all of it) I never ask for help or prayer, but my heart is weighted with discouragement and abandonment by family etc. So whom shall I ask? Of course, I pray concerning these myself-but feel the need of someone to pray.

    • Annette1016 says:

      I will pray for you, but there is the viral prayer. Network, what I do myself is just on the daily comments where it shows what people are talking about, bring your prayer up on there. And many will bring your prayers up before God least, I am one, please agree to be my contact and let me know who and what are the needs, love in Christ Jesus, Annette

      • BeReady says:

        Thank you Annette and “child of Jesus” – it is very kind of you both. I receive your prayers with gratitude and the answers to them. God bless you!

    • childofjesus says:

      You can write your prayer request by clicking on ‘create new blog post’ and then follow the instructions. I love to pray for God’s Family and i will surely pray for you. Though you may not see many prayers written for you here, but i’m sure many will pray for your needs in their personal share your prayer request.
      Mat. 18:20 says “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
      Father in Heaven, we come into your Awesome Presence…You know Christine and her circumstances..As she does not find any church or friends to turn to, she has come to You and i thank You for You will never leave her nor forsake her..Lord, remove everything that weighs down her heart and Bless her with Your Peace..Make her Strong in You…May her family see Your Love in her heart and draw near to You…we ask this prayer in Jesus’ Name….Amen

  2. lookinforacity says:


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