Do You Exist?

Do you believe that you exist? Please let me explain… Do you as a self-aware subjective agent that has thoughts exist? If you say yes then where are you actually located in your body? Are you and your brain the same thing? A brain is just a lump of meat; is that who YOU are? Dear friends we cannot be reduced down to simply physics; and a materialistic reductionist interpretation of who and what we are fails miserably in providing a scientific or rational explanation. If we are just our brains, and our brains are just MATERIAL objects then there is no YOU – NO PERSON. The materialist will say that consciousness is JUST an emergent property of the brain and therefore the experience of self-awareness and consciousness can be nothing more than a phenomena of illusion, but this will not do because to simply assert that consciousness is an emergent property of the brain does not explain anything insofar as the materialist cannot explain how consciousness emerges from the brain in the first place – this is just simply asserted. Moreover to call consciousness the phenomena of illusion – produced by matter – is just begging the question (Conclusion without proving the assertion) because in calling it an illusion one is presupposing omniscience of knowledge to differentiate between illusions and non-illusions, and such a claim is self-evidently ridiculous.

For the materialist everything in the universe is NOTHING more than the interactions between matter and energy – it’s all deterministic – clouds do not move by free will any more than gravity evaluates its choices. Free will requires consciousness – WILL does not emerge from matter and energy because matter and energy have NO WILL. Do people fall in love or is it just brains that fall in love? If the sugar in the brain thinks does the sugar in a teaspoon think? Are you nothing more than a lump of meat (brain?). If somebody were to eat your brain while you were alive would they taste your thoughts?

For all the ingenuities of science we have been unable to duplicate the mysterious phenomena of consciousness and self-awareness into the machines that we have created. In short we are UNABLE to turn Pinocchio into a real live conscious boy, and yet mindless accidental, haphazard, irrational and impersonal atoms/ energy has turned mindless atoms into conscious thinking biological machines that are self-aware. How is it that mindless, irrational, accidental and impersonal processes have mysteriously outsmarted the best of intelligent, rational minds? Could it be that mindless, impersonal, irrational accidental processes are not responsible for the phenomena of conscious living beings that are self-aware?

Rationality, logic, information, consciousness, free will, morality and intelligibility cannot be ultimately accounted (or even adequately explained) for in an atheistic worldview; but these things fit like a hand in a glove in a theistic model of reality; in fact, these are the very kinds of phenomena that one would logically EXPECT to FIND in a universe that was created by an intelligent conscious rational logical moral being. To me it’s clear to see that if these ingredients (phenomena /facts) are in the mix then it’s perfectly reasonable to expect them in the cake.

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