Do we Christians believe our own gospel?

When a Muslim enquirer was first told of the Good News of Jesus Christ he asked, ‘How long has this message been around?’

‘About two thousand years,’ replied the messenger.

‘If that is so why haven’t I heard of it before? There must be no Christians in my country.’

‘Yes, there are,’ said his informant.

‘Well then, there are certainly none in this city.’

‘Yes, there are,’ was the reply.

‘How is this possible? The only reason I can think of is that you Christians do not believe your own Gospel.’

– from “Mosques and Miracles” – by Stuart Robinson, Edition 2, page 316.

What do YOU think?


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  2. Maybe because they are a sub fractional minority in countries where it is against the law to try and convert anyone.Where the punishment includes cruel torture to even young family members, and beheading.
    I know that as Christians we should be willing to die for our beliefs.I don’t think I would volunteer though, especially if my children could be tortured.
    Please don’t post back with” unless a seed fall to the ground ” I am aware of the scriptures.I am also aware of the severe persecution of the early church.I am also aware of the persecution,sometimes as severe of the present day church. I’m saying, Would you become a “street preacher” in a country like that? Really?

    • Yes Beloved,

      But the amazing thing is that people ARE risking their necks by spreading this message in countries like Iran, Iraq and Egypt. That is the kind of love they have for the Lord.

      Also, when the world oppresses you, you don't necessarily feel like putting all your hopes into having a long life here.

      I believe God will make us homesick for heaven before the end of the age. Martyrdom won't be such a huge sacrifice then.

  3. sweet.gee says:

    a lot of Christians doesn’t have the courage to show the truth. or their real love for God, they are claiming but they are too busy with their own happiness, desire and everything…. it’s too sad but that’s the fact, only the real Christians can do sharing (Gospel) with all their hearts, mind and soul…. they can only do this as well if they do obey our Lord and diligently study His words.

  4. faithishearing says:

    I am afraid that some christian have taken a very legalist approach to the gospel. I was surprised to learn that a lot of people believed (church-going folks) that if you do good things you’ll get into heaven, and people who do bad things won’t.

    Or they feel that a relationship with Jesus is simply showing up once a week to a service. Or that certain sins are more weightier than others, and practically unforgivable. They are missing the forest for the trees. God has shown me tonight an illustration. Say I am standing in the forest and all my sins are like the trees that grow there. I fixate on a tree, a sin I am particullay ashamed of, and think ‘if only I could get rid of that tree, I will be closer to God’. Maybe I could hack down that tree, but even if I did, there would still be hundreds of other trees in my way. That is the sin problem. We are hopeless without God. We are surrounded by our sins on all sides, and we can do nothing to save ourselves. It doesn’t matter what that particular tree is, all it takes is one tree, one leaf, one vine to go to hell (following the illustration).

    It is not until we know how hopeless we are that we turn to God with our problems, and say ‘I can’t help myself’. It is not what we can do for God, but what God, through his Son Jesus, has already done for us. We can’t add to it, we can’t take it away.Really, christianity is the most inclusive religion in the world! Jesus died for everyone! ANYONE can be saved. The bible says whosoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in
    your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

    Tonight, I accept Jesus in my heart. I feels so real. It feels like I’m in love. I am glad that I finally got salvation! Good is great!


    • Praise the Lord!!!

    • Reasontogether says:

      Excellent God is so good !!

    • WondersBeyondOurGalaxy says:

      church-going folks believe that if you do good things you’ll get into heaven and believe that people who do bad things won’t because of what the bible says. I could give you scriptures but since Christian salvation is so simple why bother right?
      Jesus said that He is the Vine and we are the branches, and that if we DO NOT bear good fruit, we will be cut down and gathered together to be burned. We are the branches and if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. Jesus is serious about living a sinless life. He healed a man and told him, “Go and sin no more, lest something worse happen to you”. Many Christians today believe Jesus would never expect his followers to go and sin no more, they think Jesus is fine with the “I’ll sin until I die” approach to salvation. Jesus did what he did because God wanted Him to do it, we likewise need to do what we do because God wants us to do it. Can someone seriously say that it’s part of God’s awesome plan to bless the disobedient, lukewarm, and doubleminded?

  5. jesseedavis says:

    That is a very real and very scary wake up call to every Christian in every part of this world. Thank you Michael for this post!

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