Do not be decieved brethren

I am increasingly filled with an urge to try and bring people to an understanding of the reality of what is happening with the new age and new world order movements.

Constance Cumbey wrote what had been proven to be a seminal work entitled “The hidden dangers of the rainbow” in 1982
This shocking expose of the new age reveals its sinister motives and goals and proves that the new age “messiah” actually fills the criteria for the biblical antichrist.

Constance is still around and you can check out her blog on this link.

for those who may be interested in finding out more about the new age and new world order and how we christians are affected by it there is a lot of good information available and I am more than willing to post some links.

I have posted a list of organisations which are actively involved in the promotion of the globalist agenda.
It is by no means exhaustive.

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies
Association of Humanistic Psychology (NGO)
Bahá’í International Community (NGO)
Bank For International Settlements
Brookings Institute
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (NGO)
Carter Center
Club Of Madrid (NGO)
Club Of Rome (NGO)
Commission on Global Governance (NGO)
Council For the Parliament of World Religions
Council On Foreign Relations (NGO)
Ditchley Foundations
Earth Charter Initiative
Earth Council (NGO)
Esalen Institute
Federal Reserve
Findhorn Foundation (NGO)
Ford Foundation
Global Public Policy
Gorbachev Foundation
Green Cross International (NGO)
Group of 30 (NGO)
Habitat For Humanity
Heritage Foundation
Hudson Institute
Institute For International Economics
Institute For Policy Studies
Institute For Social Research
Institute of Global Education (NGO)
International Monetary Fund
International Planned Parenthood (NGO)
LEAD International (NGO)
Lucis Trust (NGO)
Manitou Foundation (NGO)
Mont Pelerin Society
MOST – Management of Social Transformations (A UNESCO Project)
New Group of World Servers
NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations associated with the UN)
NGO Committee on Disarmament
NGO’s in Consultative Status with ECOSOC
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (NGO)
Population Council (NGO)
Population Institute (NGO)
Rand Corp.
Rockefeller Foundation (NGO)
Rothschild, NM & Sons
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Share International (NGO)
Sierra Club (NGO)
Stanford Research Institute
State of the World Forum
Tavistock Institute
Temple of Understanding (NGO)
Theosophical Society
Trilateral Commission (NGO)
United Nations
United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
World Bank Group
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (NGO)
World Conservation Union (NGO)
World Goodwill (NGO)
World Federalist Movement (NGO)
World Wildlife Fund (NGO)

For a list with clickable links, see my myspace blog entry entitled “Brethren, do not be decieved”

For more information about occult activities which we, as christians should not participate is click on the occult check list below.

God bless,


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