Discipline – Chapter 25 – Personal Revival Manual


From “Catch the Revival Fire” by Ps Paul Quadros



is one more important key required to maintain this revival fire. We
may catch the fire through our intimacy with God and obedience, but
without discipline we may soon lose what we have caught. Discipline
is enforcing restraint on oneself.


winner in any field did not get to the top without discipline. Many
times we feel lazy, moody, or unwilling. But a winner does not give
up, he brings his body into subjection and does things which he knows
he must do. He even does things that he may not initially like to do.


Timothy 2:1-7 gives us the example of a soldier, an athlete, and a
farmer. We must be like a good soldier, enduring hardships, pleasing
the Lord, not getting entangled with worldly things. Also we must
develop the character of a good athlete who competes according to the
rules. Then on being strong in His grace, we will be fruitful models
for others to learn and follow. (2 Timothy 2:182).


also says that he buffets his body and brings it under submission.
The bible tells us how we must run the race with endurance, looking
at Jesus, laying aside (throwing off) any things that could hinder
us. (Hebrews 12:1-2)


if we run after God and commit ourselves to him, the things of this
world will not ensnare us. Jesus is our forerunner, our model, our
example, and focus (author and finisher, i.e. he will initiate and he
will complete). Praise be to him!


we must understand and develop a disciplined life because this is
mandatory if we want our revival fire to burn on.


must learn to be disciplined in our food, sleep and also in other
bodily needs. Often during personal or corporate prayers we catch
this fire, but we end up losing it because of our own lack of


Food is needed for the body, but not body for the food. We should not
allow our bodies to become slaves to food. This could lead to
unwanted desires to rise up in our flesh like excessive sleep, lust,
laziness and even sickness.


is good to be sensitive to the Spirit in our food like what to eat,
how much to eat and when to eat. All these three things could affect
our walk with God in catching and maintaining the fire of the Spirit.


said “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to
finish His work”
(John 4:34) NKJV


must therefore live to do the will of God by His grace, more than
focus on the necessities of the body.


as in the case of food we also need good rest (sleep) for the body,
but the body should not become a slave to excessive sleep.

we are spiritually awake (watchful) in our sleep, even our spirit is
awake and we can get up anytime when the Lord awakes us. And during
this time we can be fresh on fire when we wake up. Many times we
could have songs on our lips early morning the moment we wake up. We
must be in the Spirit all the time even in our sleep
(1 Thess
5:6). It is good for us to check our hearts, and to pray and meditate
on His Word before we sleep. This will help us to keep the fire


in the Spirit


we learn to walk in the Spirit our conscience becomes very sensitive
to every situation around us. Any unbelief or any negative words,
actions, motives etc. can disturb our conscience.


is His will that we should become mature even in our words as our
words carry life and blessings. What we speak could defile our hearts
and could quench the fire. It is therefore important to guard our
hearts and tongues in order to maintain and increase the fire of
revival. The Bible says “if anyone does not stumble in word he
is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body”
3:2) NKJV. It also says “let no corrupt word proceed out of your
mouth, but what is good and necessary for edification that it may
impart grace to the hearers. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of
God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption”


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