Discipleship/Evangelism – My ministry.

I am, by the grace and will of God, starting a program with my church that gives people a better (or at least another) opportunity to take home the sermon and/or other topics. It also trains people to read their Bibles and study for themselves what it is that it says.

What I am hoping and praying for is that this could spread throughout Biblical churches and get people not only hearing the Word, but doing the Word. This is something that I believe we all need to consider. Studies, articles, books, testimonies/stories, articles, and most importantly, actually taking people out in the streets and into situations. The part that you can do, is to take the knowledge and desire you have and put it into the lives of others. Teach believers, convert unbelievers (not you or we, but the Spirit of the Living God).

This is not a dream that I have or a hope. It is my ministry. I have been given the task of equipping people to read, study, learn/memorize, and do the Word of God.

What do YOU think?



  1. jesseedavis says:

    This past summer, I was a camp counselor at a local camp/urban youth ministry called Great Oaks. Some of you were around when I was there and know about all this. For the rest of you, I’ll give a brief summary of the summer program and my part in it.

    Great Oaks’ summer program provides a week of free camping for low-income kids that also suffer from various abuses, and local gang, drug, and other criminal issues. During this week, we have the opportunity to minister to these kids and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. The main goal other than salvation is to build relationships with them.

    This last Wednesday, I was offered a full-time position as a missionary, meaning they would provide free housing with utilities, plus food and of course work to do, providing that people commit to faithfully supporting me financially. Over the last two days, we held meetings discussing a more efficient way of fulfilling the vision/mission statement. In this we have decided to stray away from the program/business-oriented “method” of ministry and instead become more relational and focused on helping the community. Anyways, my mission would be to take 1-3 kids from the summer camp and disciple them, as well as to be a much-needed help around the city and camp offices, as there is only 5 other full-time staff, each having at least 2 or 3 different jobs.

    I praise our God that He is faithful in all ways!! In this, he is answering so many prayers that I’ve had for a while. I want to ask something of you guys. Would any of you be willing to support me in this, either by prayer or finances? Thanks everyone, I’ll continue to update everyone as things continue to progress!

  2. jesseedavis says:

    That is amazing!!

    That is exactly the purpose of this ministry. It is not whether we do more encouraging them to do or more teaching them about doing. It is about teaching them to teach themselves in a sense and then putting them in a situation where they have to do it or encouraging them to do it throughout their daily lives. The worst mistake that pastors, evangelists, teachers, leaders, whatever can make is separating knowing/hearing from doing/obeying. Keep in mind that every time that someone talked about doctrine or teaching or whatever in the Bible it always included their conversation/deeds. Doctrine and doing was and is inseparable.

    Their is no authority above or even close to God’s, and no man is qualified enough to be a reliable teacher of His Word.

  3. Jesse- I apologize for the % entry- the intention was to stress “encouraging”- iLet the Lords blessings rest on your ministry!

  4. jesseedavis says:

    Peer, let me ask you something. Since we’re talking of %’s. What % of your knowledge came from you reading the Bible for yourself, or from the pastor at your church, or from a televangelist, or from some dream/vision/experience?

    What % of your walk is reading/studying and what % of your walk is doing?

    What % of your life is spent worrying, stressing, fearing, etc. and what % is spent in faith?

    • Don’t do Television / cable evangelists; switched off my t.v. sometime as have those I disciple. Never watched one- never will.

      Source- the Word of Jesus. I possess a battered (not abused) bible. Teachers, guides whatever: the bible- always has been from my first days and always will be.

      Service- to the lost, whether homeless or professor; never enough.

      Jesse, may the Lord provide you with wisdom and according to your thirst fill you with his Spirit.

    • % fearing, % worrying…

      each one has a unique path on the Lord and associated test- but is not the Lord sufficient? Mathew 6!

      may the Lord bless your path for encouraging the many.

  5. What % teaching, what % encouraging an over supervised flock- is most likely to become a dead flock!- starting with this message?

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