Discerning the Times in which we are living in.

It is of no secret that the days of the ending of human government is upon us. People when talking about the the soon return of Yeshua(Jesus) as referenced to the days of Noah, mostly focus on such events as the increased intensity and sheer numbers of earthquakes and bad weather(which is true)lawlessness,explosion of human population and technology, disregardance of the sacredness of marriage, sexual perverted sins on an unimaginable scale and deception. What I would like to bring to the forefront is all of these did occur doing the days of Noah, but that is not all. The days of Noah would be from the day he was born until the day that he died, and this would take us to my topic which is the Tower Of Babel. WIthout getting to technical most of us know what the story is about on the surface in which the people were of one voice, and wanted to build a tower into the heavens. Some know that it was much more sinister than this because their leader Nimrod, was a man that OPPOSED GOD, and had united the people Against God in an attempt to have a 1 world government,relious and economic system. Well those times have resurface in the form of globalization, based upon the planned upheaved on the worlds economy and with the passing of laws in the United States and in other countries, that are slowly restricting the freedom of being a christian. I could really write a book on this( I actually did) but I only want to focus on 1point, that has eluded us. Nimrod was the 1st Anti-Christ upon the Earth and if you read in the book of Revelations, the last anti-christ is basiclly taken the same plans of Nimrod but has multiplied it by a Million but never-the-less the same plan is in placed. Nimrod father was named Cush(Sudan Africa) and he was the one that prepared Nimrod for the world. So the question should be, who is Cush in the world today, that will prepare the world for the anti-christ return? Perhaps I should give you a hint and see what everyone can come up with? Nimrod was the great grandson of Noah(who know one knows what color Noah was) and was son of Cush who founded(no one disputes this) modern day Sudan Africa. So perhaps now we have a clue to he which will prepare on a world stage the anti-christ. He will have ties to Africa AND be mixed with another race. WIll appear to be a friend to all but in his heart only to those who suits his needs. Will appear to like Christians but in fact will oppose them, not as a Lion in oppostion at first but slow and subtile. He will have to have ties to a religion that openly hates the true christian and rightful Jew, and will deny that Yeshua(Jesus) is the son of God and the saviour of the world. Ok, I will give you one more hint: this person will have occultic ties and practices and will have to pass laws that will cause a nation to openly become an affront to God. Look around and see if the 2012 version of the Tower of Babel has been built!!!

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